Generating an interim attendance report in LimeSurvey

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Discuss.gif This page is probably an evil twin of Ad-hoc reporting of CME attendance.

This page documents how to generate an interim attendance report in LimeSurvey CPD Tracking. Our usual process of Generating Reports for LimeSurvey CPD Tracking has too much overhead to use for individual reports outside of the normal reporting period, so this is the alternative way to provide attendance info at other times during the year.

Process to request

Email the Program Administrator for your section. If you don't work for a section or don't have a program administrator, or email a LimeSurvey Administrator.

Process to extract

  1. extract the attendance data
    1. log into LimeSurvey
    2. click on Participants
    3. find the participant for the report
    4. click the magnifier button (List active surveys) for this participant
    5. select and copy the survey list
  2. filter and format the attendance data
    1. paste the list into excel
    2. sort by the "submitted" column and delete all rows that don't have a submit date
    3. delete the following columns:
      • Survey ID
      • Token ID
      • Date added
      • Last invite
    4. change the "Survey Name" column header to "session name"
  3. email the attendance list
    1. copy-paste the list into a reply to the requesting email; there is no form for this, since this is an informal report. The formal report on letterhead will follow at the end of the reporting period
    2. Put something like the following into the reply to explain:

      We received your request for a CPD attendance report outside of the usual reporting cycle. Our reporting process is automated, so at this time we will only be able to provide you an informal attendance report. Please see the following list for education sessions you have attended this year.

    3. Send

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