General Internal Medicine Subspecialty Education Program

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Specialty/Subspecialty program
Postgraduate Program Director - General Internal Medicine Dr. Tyler Friesen
Section Head - General Internal Medicine Dr. Patrick Griffin, Dr. Ken Van Ameyde
Program Administrator - General Internal Medicine Cherie Marynowski


  • General Internal Medicine Residents Room is located in NA309 School of Nursing. There is no phone in that room. [Swipe access is needed for after-hours to the School of Nursing Building]

Printing from the GIM Residents Room Computer

There are two shared copiers printers for GIM Residentson that floor



Year at a Glance

  1. March - verify residents have completed Assessment of Training and registered for the Royal College exam
  2. April - begin working on the Academic Schedule for the next year. The schedule is on a 2 year rotation.
  3. April - have residents complete banking forms
  4. April - residents to meet with Program Administrator to review schedule and pick up flash drive
  5. April - ensure residents meet with Faculty Advisor
  6. April - residents to meet with Program Director individually
  7. May - Send out Longitudinal Clinic Assessments
  8. May - Review & follow procedure for PGME Scheduling Timelines for Incoming Residents and Tasks inc Exit Process for Outgoing Graduating Residents to start the process for incoming & exiting trainees
  9. May - Complete tasks related to residents who will graduate and of June - Refer to PGME Scheduling Timelines for Incoming Residents and Tasks inc Exit Process for Outgoing Graduating Residents
  10. May - Get completed Research Project / Scholarly project assessment forms on graduating residents


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Residency Program Committee

Booking a GIM Residency Program Committee (RPC) Meeting

  1. Step 1: Select meeting date with program director

Academic Half Day

Academic Half Day - Core Internal Medicine

  • Book JBRC 800 via the Outlook calendar by April of each year
  • Track resident absences in yearly schedule
  • One week prior to ie the Wednesday a week in advance - email a reminder to the instructor
  • On the Thursday, send out a reminder to both the residents and the instructor

Tasks on on the day of GIM Academic Half Day

  • About 15 minutes prior to the start of AHD starting, setup Laptop and LCD Projector (they are in locked drawer 505 in the GI Resident Room, in 803 JBRC (ask residents to return it to the same place)

PARIM Submissions

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  1. Check the General Internal Medicine Training Schedule in Entrada for Pseudo/Junior Attendings at both HSC and SB
  2. Residents are paid for first weekend on service ONLY (if on a 2 week rotation)
  3. Complete PARIM submission excel worksheet for appropriate period and site
  4. Save as a PDF in the GIM PARIM Submissions folder
  5. Send submission to the WRHA

Longitudinal Clinics in General Internal Medicine

  1. Residents in General Internal Medicine need to to their Resident Longitudinal Clinic ideally for 24 months, ie 1/2 day clinic every week, during their 2-year training program.
  2. Assessments are to be assessed each December and each May
  3. Resident can change preceptors mid-way through their 2-years of training

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