Gastroenterology link rounds

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The Gastroenterology link rounds is involved with the co-ordination of gastroenterology link rounds.

The role is currently held by:

Description of GI Link Rounds [can include topics such as M&M, QI, Complicated Cases

  • Occurs: Twice a month: 2nd and 4th Thursday from September to June
  • Location: Presentation is from Room 535 Basic Medical Sciences Building, projected to NG002 SBGH
  • Time: From 12:00 Noon to 1:00 pm
  • Person Academically responsible for the GI Link Rounds: Program Administrator - Gastroenterology
  • Room Bookings: Audio Visual Bannatyne <>
  • Equipment Required: When booking Room 535 Basical Medical Sciences Building, a technician is always in the room to set up fixed equipment
    • Help Desk / Contact Information for Technician: 204-789-3350
      • If GI Link Rounds are CANCELLED, you must cancel the room bookings' by emailing the impacted date to Clara Russo <>; Myke Kurnell (; Luc Desjardins <> BITG (, otherwise GI will be charged a fee of approx. $25 for a no-show fee
  • Distribution List - GI - GI Link Rounds distribution list (Suzanne's computer)
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  • MOCOMP process: Ventis