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Academic Contact Dr. Donald Duerksen
Administrative Contact Kathy Nowak
Usual Location Room 535 Basic Medical Sciences Building, projected to NG002 SBH
Usual Time 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, from 12 noon-1 pm

from September to June

Section Gastroenterology
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Cargo storage:

SMW storage:

  • Each GI Resident presents up to 2-3 times per year. The number of rounds they present is dependent upon the total number of GI residents and the total number of rounds spots
      • Occasionally, at the discretion of the section head, a guest speaker might present GI Link Rounds
  • At least once in their 2 years of training, a resident must present a QA/QI/MM topic in one of their GI Link Rounds spots
  • The GI residents are to provide to the program administrator:
  1. the topic
  2. 2-3 objectives
  3. the name of the attending who vetted the topic
  4. and whether it is a QA/QI topic [ Dr. Harminder Singh is the attending assigned to vet QA/QI topics for residents ]
  • Enter this information under 'Events' in Entrada for the date of the presentation
Discuss.gif below here refers repeatedly to an N drive - which Department file share is that?
  • Enter this data into the Master Rounds schedule: Excel file - N Drive, Postgrad - Gastroenterology - Rounds 20XX - 20XX
  • Enter this data to create the poster - N Drive, Postgrad - Gastroenterology - GI Link Rounds
  • Convert the poster to a PDF File
  • Copy and paste the poster into the body of the e-mail, and as well, attach the PDF'd poster to the e-mail - we do this because some recipients on the distribution list post the poster in the clinics and on bulletin boards
  • E-mail the poster - blind copy the distribution list
  • Keep a copy of the e-mail w poster on the shared drive N Drive, Postgrad - Gastroenterology - Rounds 20XX - 20XX

Room/Equipment Booking

  • Arrange for "Room Booking" for these rounds by completing the web-based form:
  • U of M AUDIO VISUAL AND CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY contacts: Bhavdeep at with copy to Clara Russo <>; Myke Kurnell (, Trevor Tomlinson <>
  • Since COVID-19, GI Link Rounds have been taking place by Zoom
  • Indicate in booking that GI Link Rounds are the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month, from 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm, host site BMS535 Bannatyne Campus linked to NGO15 SBH (which is a U of M Telehealth Room (as opposed to an MBTelehealth Room))
  • Provide the list of dates of the GI Link Rounds with the e-mail
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you, keep an electronic copy of that e-mail in the GI Link Rounds folder
  • Equipment Required: When booking Room 535 Basic Medical Sciences Building, a U of M IT Technician is always in the room to set up fixed equipment, so no need to actually specify this on the form
  • Important information to put on each poster / see previous posters for sample
    • Help Desk / Contact Information for U of M Telehealth Technician: 204-789-3350
      • If GI Link Rounds are CANCELLED, you must cancel the room bookings' by e-mailing the impacted date to Clara Russo <>; Myke Kurnell (; Luc Desjardins Erika Lincoln at 204-227-2235 <> BITG (, otherwise GI will be charged a fee of approximately $25 for a no-show fee
U of M Media Tech at Bannatyne Campus
Trevor Tomlinson
Media Technician
Media & Production Services
Technology Services, IST
University of Manitoba
149 Basic Medical Sciences Building
Tel (204) 789-3350
  • Distribution List - GI - GI Link Rounds distribution list (Suzanne's computer)
  • YES - PLEASE CAN YOU make some of these into an Exchange Outlook list?
    • Are they all people on this wiki? We could draw the info from there...
      • Not an outlook list but we can make a list on the wiki if we know the people. Let's discuss.

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