GI Endoscopy Course

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  • McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario - Held annually first weekend in July, only for incoming R4s
    • For July 2020: 15th Intensive 2-Day Resident’s Endoscopy Training Course this year over two full days on Saturday July 4th and Sunday July 5th, 2020 in the Farncombe Atrium at the McMaster University Medical Center. As you all know, this is an intensive 2-day course which incorporates didactic lectures, small group discussions, hands-on training on simulation and dinner event with debate by course faculty at McMaster University. This is usually attended by 30 to 40 first year Adult and Pediatric GI and Surgical residents and the course has included faculty from across the country.
  • Edmonton also holds a similar course
  • Trainee pays for travel & accommodations, then gets reimbursed from the GI section (GI training program pays directly for the registration fee)
  • GI Residents MUST speak to Program Administrator - Gastroenterology BEFORE booking any flights, as certain paper work needs to be arranged
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