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Policy: GFT Travel Fund Guidelines
Policy Nr: Sec 08 - 01
Target Review Date: 2019-04-25
Main Stakeholder: Managing Director

This article explains what GFT members can travel for, and how to get reimbursed, if using the UMG Practice Plan funds.

The department will always apply for the Dean's Travel Fund first, when appropriate, on behalf of the faculty member. See Dean's Travel Fund.


Academic faculty study, research, discover, innovate, teach, learn and provide patient care. To support the activities of academic faculty, the department will provide funds for required travel.

Allowable Reasons for Travel

  • Reimbursement of travel expenses will be provided to GFT faculty members to scientific meetings/conference where the individual is presenting on invited papers.
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses will be provided to GFT faculty members for administration activities undertaken on behalf of the department, at the request of the Department Head.


  • The department will support up to $2,000 per GFT faculty members, annually (January-December)
  • There will be no carryover of expenses for subsequent travel.
  • There will be no carryover of expenses of funds from one year to another.

*Required* Pre-authorization

*Members should not book travel until they have received preauthorization to ensure the correct process is followed for use of the approved travel fund.

  • A full-time academic faculty must apply in writing using the Travel Preauthorization Form.xls within 30 days of travel
  • The conference/session/meeting agenda or program must be attached with the form when submitting to the Finance Manager (currently covering for Thorunn Travel Coordinator), if the program is not yet available, the invitation to present (e-mail or letter) is also acceptable.

NOTE: There is no mandatory method of booking GFT Travel, members can use any method they are comfortable with, be it directly with airlines/hotels or via a travel agency.

Expense Claims/Reimbursement

  • The form and receipts must be submitted to the Finance Manager within 60 days of travel - except at Fiscal year end when all claims from the prior year must be submitted by January 15th
  • Members are reimbursed by direct deposit and not by cheque. They/delegate (secretary) will need to identify if they want the reimbursement to be done to a personal account or corporate account. If not specified, they will be reimbursed to the same account they receive UMG draws from. Members will know what this means. Deposits are sent from UMG to the bank on Tuesdays. Reimbursements will be processed on the Tuesday following submission if there are no questions or concerns that need to be addressed regarding the submission.

Reimbursable and Non-Reimbursable Expenses

Expense Y/N Limitations
Academic gowns and tuxedo rentals Yes Required for University business
Airfare Yes up to "Flex" fares
Air Miles No Not reimbursable for airfare paid using air miles which the traveler has accumulated
Alcoholic Beverages Yes Allowable as part of a hospitality claim.
Baggage Excess Yes
Conference Activities No Extra-curricular and activities for guests or partners are not reimbursable.
Conference Registration Fees Yes Provide proof of payment (deduct personal expenses)
Donations No N/A
Employment visas for visitors No Considered personal expenses
Entertainment/Hospitality expenses for non-faculty/University-associated persons No See Hospitality expenses policy
Gas for commercial rental vehicles Yes Provided the vehicle rental is approved.
Gifts No Purchase of gifts for staff or their families will not be reimbursed
Gifts Yes For visitors in lieu of honorarium
Gratuities Yes Included in the meal rate (also within reason)
Health Club access No
Hotel Room Charges Yes Reasonable room rates and taxes only. Members are encouraged to request hotel folios separating room charges from incidental charges, for faster processing of expenses.
Hotel "No Show" Charges No Except in emergency situations as determined by approving authority
Inoculations/Vaccinations Yes If required for international travel only
Insurance - Flight Cancellation Yes
Insurance - Health No For full-time staff only. Supplementary health insurance provided by the university
Insurance - Health Yes Part-time and non-employees (contact Staff Benefits)
Insurance - Rental Vehicle* Yes Staff are encouraged to use the University Travel Credit Card and waive the insurance from the rental company. Claimants booking without the Travel Credit Card must obtain car rental insurance- MPI is an economical way of doing this.
Internet access Yes At hotels, or local SIM cards for cell phones, when traveling outside Canada and the USA
Laundry No Personal expense
Living Expenses during Sabbatical No Personal expense
Meals Yes Maximum per diem rate - see #Meals
Memberships Fees No Personal memberships in clubs not reimbursable
Mileage claim Yes Will not exceed the equivalent to the lowest cost of airfare (if extenuating circumstances, provide explanation)
Mini-bar charges No In-room mini-bar beverages and snacks will not be reimbursed
Movies, in-flight/room No N/A
Parking Fees Yes Reasonable. Parking fees and mileage reimbursement should not exceed the cost of round trip taxi fare from the traveler's home.
Parking/Traffic Fines No N/A
Passport No Personal expense
Penalties for airfare change or cancellation Yes
Per Diem Allowance Yes Maximum per diem rate - see #Meals
Personal vehicle Yes #Personal vehicle
Seat Assignments Yes
Service fees No Reimbursement not provided for failure to cancel lodging or transportation reservation
Taxi fares/ride sharing Yes Reasonable; not to exceed cost of vehicle rental
Telephone calls Yes For university business. Other calls at department discretion.
Traffic fines No
Train/Rail transportation Yes Club car accommodations are acceptable for day trips. If overnight travel is necessary, roomette class accommodations may be used.
Travel incidentals Yes Within reasonable limitations (provide explanation on Travel Claim)
VISAs Yes When required to enter a country to enable a staff member to conduct university business.


Per diem rates are considered reasonable, and in alignment with the University of Manitoba, and can be claimed without receipts.

  • Per diem Allowance – instead of being reimbursed for actual costs, a daily allowance is provided.
  • No additional amount may be claimed for meals. Actual costs (meals with receipts) will not be accepted. Faculty are free to spend additionally using personal funds - however the daily reimbursement will be the per diem rate.
  • The per diem allowance must be adjusted when meals are included in conference registration fees, in the event of a partial day’s travel, etc.
  • The maximum per diem allowance for meals when travelling:
Total per diem Breakfast Lunch Supper
Canada $60 $15 $15 $30
USA/Africa $80 $20 $20 $40
Asia/Latin America/Oceania $90 $20 $20 $50
Europe/Caribbean $110 $25 $25 $60

Personal vehicle

  • The current allowance for use of personal automobile while on approved business see Mileage.
  • Use of private automobiles should be limited to those trips where no suitable public transportation is available or where a private automobile is more economical considering all costs. For long distance trips when a private automobile is used strictly for personal convenience, only actual costs (for example, kilometres driven, hotels, meals, etc.) for the time spent traveling will be reimbursed up to but not exceeding the costs of equivalent public transportation such as lowest cost airfare and transportation costs to and from the airports. All instances of the use of private automobiles must include a lowest cost airfare quote from Concur prior to departure attached to the claimant’s claim.
  • Only incremental kilometres driven above the distance from residence to normal work location may be claimed.
  • Transportation to a claimant’s normal work location may not be claimed, except where the claimant has been called back to work outside of their normal work schedule and requires an additional trip.
  • Each trip must be reported on a separate line in the claim.

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