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Geographic Full Time (GFT) Academic Appointment: refers to a faculty member whose professional activities are based at the University of Manitoba’s Max Rady College of Medicine or its affiliated teaching hospitals, who may receive income from professional practice and from sources other than the University and its affiliated teaching hospitals, and who is signatory of a Geographical Full-Time Agreement with the University (the “GFT” Member) and who may only carry on a clinical practice inside University approved facilities.

See Non-GFT for a list of other physicians.

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The following are GFT:

Dr. Aditya SharmaGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Alan CaseyPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Alex TischenkoCardiologyGFT
Dr. Alexandra IlnyckyjGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Alexei YankovskyNeurologyGFT
Dr. Aliasghar KhademCardiologyGFT
Dr. Allan GarlandCritical CareGFT
Dr. Allan SchafferCardiologyGFT
Dr. Allen KrautGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Amir RavandiCardiologyGFT
Dr. Amiya ChakrabortyGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Amrit MalikCardiologyGFT
Dr. Anand KumarCritical CareGFT
Dr. Andrew L. MorrisCardiologyGFT
Dr. Andrew MacDiarmidGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Andrew MaksymiukHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Andrew WalktyInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Angela DesautelsRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Anita SoniCardiologyGFT
Dr. Annaliese TisseverasingheRheumatologyGFT
Dr. Anthony BattadGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Asad JunaidGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Asher MendelsonCritical CareGFT
Dr. Ashish ShahCardiologyGFT
Dr. Barret RushCritical CareGFT
Dr. Barry CohenNephrologyGFT
Dr. Basem ElbarouniCardiologyGFT
Dr. Benjamin GoldenbergHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Beyza Ciftci-KavakliogluNeurologyGFT
Dr. Bill LeslieEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Bojan PaunovicCritical CareGFT
Dr. Brady AndersonHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Brett HoustonHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Brian SchmidtNeurologyGFT
Dr. Carly ScramstadNeurologyGFT
Dr. Carmen HurdEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Carol HitchonRheumatologyGFT
Dr. Catherine MoltzanHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Catherine SmithInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Chantalle MenardHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Charles BernsteinGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Chris WiebeNephrologyGFT
Dr. Christina KimHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Christine PeschkenRheumatologyGFT
Dr. Chrystyna KalicinskyAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyGFT
Dr. Clara BohmNephrologyGFT
Dr. Clare RamseyRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Clarence KhooCardiologyGFT
Dr. Claudio RigattoNephrologyGFT
Dr. Colette SeiferCardiologyGFT
Dr. Colin BarberAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyGFT
Dr. Craig HarlosHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Craig SpezialiHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Dan RobertsCritical CareGFT
Dr. Dana MoffattGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Danielle DesautelsHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. David AllenCardiologyGFT
Dr. David ChristiansenRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. David CollisterNephrologyGFT
Dr. David DaweHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. David RobinsonRheumatologyGFT
Dr. David RushNephrologyGFT
Dr. David StrangGeriatric MedicineGFT
Dr. David SzwajcerHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Davinder JassalCardiologyGFT
Dr. Davyd HooperPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Debjani GrenierHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Donald AllanNephrologyGFT
Dr. Donald DuerksenGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Donald HoustonHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Drew HagerNephrologyGFT
Dr. Eberhard RennerHepatologyGFT
Dr. Edwin Bruce RoeEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Eleni GiannouliRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Emily RimmerHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Eric BowHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Esseddeeg GhroodaNeurologyGFT
Dr. Evelyn LoInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Gerard ConeysGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Glen DrobotGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Gregg EschunRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Gregoire NyombaEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Hanbo ZhangHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Hani El-GabalawyRheumatologyGFT
Dr. Harminder SinghGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Isanne SchacterEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Ivan BaracCardiologyGFT
Dr. James Alexander ShawNephrologyGFT
Dr. James BrasRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. James JohnstonHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. James MarriottNeurologyGFT
Dr. James PaulHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. James TamCardiologyGFT
Dr. James ZachariasNephrologyGFT
Dr. Jay HingwalaNephrologyGFT
Dr. Jeffrey GrahamHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Jennifer SalterPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Jennifer YamamotoEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Jessica CudmoreGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Jillian HortonGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Joe BuetiNephrologyGFT
Dr. Joel GingerichHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. John DucasCardiologyGFT
Dr. John EmbilInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Jonathan LaxtonGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Jonathon BellasGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Joseph PeedicailNeurologyGFT
Dr. Julie HoNephrologyGFT
Dr. Justin CloutierCardiologyGFT
Dr. Justin MarchPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Justin WaltersNephrologyGFT
Dr. Karen EthansPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Karver ZaborniakAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyGFT
Dr. Keevin BernsteinNephrologyGFT
Dr. Kelly KaitaHepatologyGFT
Dr. Kelly MacDonaldInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Ken KasperGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Kendiss OlafsonCritical CareGFT
Dr. Kevin BrownHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Kevin WolfeCardiologyGFT
Dr. Kimberley MulcheyRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Kinny LambaGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Konstantin JilkineRheumatologyGFT
Dr. Krista RyzNephrologyGFT
Dr. Kristel Van IneveldGeriatric MedicineGFT
Dr. Kristjan PaulsonHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Kunal MinhasCardiologyGFT
Dr. Laura ChisickGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Leonard MinukHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Leroy StorsleyNephrologyGFT
Dr. Liam O'NeilRheumatologyGFT
Dr. Lin YangHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Lindsay TorbiakGeriatric MedicineGFT
Dr. Lindsey WoodrowPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Lisa M. MillerNephrologyGFT
Dr. Lorraine PeitschGeriatric MedicineGFT
Dr. Mahwash Fatima SaeedCardiologyGFT
Dr. Malek KassCardiologyGFT
Dr. Marcus BlouwCritical CareGFT
Dr. Marcus NgNeurologyGFT
Dr. Marianne KrahnHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Marshall PitzHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Martha AinslieRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Martha ShepertyckyRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Martin Edward KarpinskiNephrologyGFT
Dr. Martina ReslerovaNephrologyGFT
Dr. Mauro VerrelliNephrologyGFT
Dr. Michael CantorGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Michael CossoyNeurologyGFT
Dr. Michael LoveCardiologyGFT
Dr. Michael SemusGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Michael SochockiGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Musawir AhmedRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Nabiha FaisalHepatologyGFT
Dr. Nancy PorhownikRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Nasir ShaikhCardiologyGFT
Dr. Navdeep TangriNephrologyGFT
Dr. Nick HajidiacosGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Numan AmirNeurologyGFT
Dr. Owen MooneyCritical CareGFT
Dr. Pam OrrInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Pamela KatzEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Pamela SkrabekHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Paul DaeninckHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Paul KomendaNephrologyGFT
Dr. Peter NickersonNephrologyGFT
Dr. Phil GarberCardiologyGFT
Dr. Philip St. JohnGeriatric MedicineGFT
Dr. Piotr CzaykowskiHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Priyanka MysoreNephrologyGFT
Dr. Ralph WongHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Rami KotbHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Ramin HamedaniGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Robin DucasCardiologyGFT
Dr. Roopesh KansaraHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Ruth Ann MarrieNeurologyGFT
Dr. Ryan SkrabekPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Ryan ZarychanskiHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Sandip BhangooGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Saroj NiraulaHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Sean UdowNeurologyGFT
Dr. Sepideh PooyaniaPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Seth ShafferGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Shantanu BanerjiHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Shelley ZierothCardiologyGFT
Dr. Shuangbo LiuCardiologyGFT
Dr. Sora LudwigEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Srisaladevi NavaratnamHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Stephen WongHepatologyGFT
Dr. Steven MinkRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Steven PromislowCardiologyGFT
Dr. Susan GreenHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Suzanne ThilleGeriatric MedicineGFT
Dr. Terence WuerzInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Thang NguyenCardiologyGFT
Dr. Thomas JacobCritical CareGFT
Dr. Trevor HutchisonGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Turnly WongGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Tyler FriesenGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Vallerie GordonHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Veena AgrawalEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Versha BanerjiHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Vi DaoHematology and OncologyGFT
Dr. Werner IlseNeurologyGFT
Dr. Yoav KeynanInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Zoheir BshoutyRespiratory MedicineGFT

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