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Policy: External Review
Policy Nr: Sec 02 - 15
Target Review Date: 2020-08-28
Main Stakeholder: Department Head


At the Department Head's discretion, it is the policy of the Department of Internal Medicine to conduct an external review on the section.

External Review

The process of external review will be the responsibility of the Managing Director's office, who will arrange an appropriate date, set up schedules and ensure a wide cross-section of interviewees within and outside the section, after consultation with the Department Head, Senior Advisory Committee, and the Section Head.

There could be a maximum of two reviewers selected for a section review.

The external reviewers should follow a standard format, and address general considerations, for example:

  • sectional relationships
  • dedication to department and hospital mission
  • internal and external perception of function should be assessed
  • comments on recruitment plans and success are relevant
  • leadership, considerations such as overall style, effective delegation, management of clinical services and communication within the section should be assessed
  • commitments to education and research, development of academic thrusts, overall clinical reputation, and areas of special expertise should be noted

Topics for External Reviewer

  • Education
    • Undergraduate
    • Postgraduate
    • Continuing Medical Education
  • Research
    • Including health care research, peer-reviewed grants, industrial support, publications and any other relevant scientific contributions
  • Clinical Functions
    • Effectiveness of clinical responsibilities, including acute care, diagnostic laboratories, ambulatory care and consultation services
  • Impact
    • Impact of section and department and hospital – internal and external perception of the academic and clinical effectiveness of the section should be determined
  • Leadership
    • Overall style, capacity to delegate, management of clinical services and ability to communicate within the section should be noted
  • Special and Unique Areas Of Contribution
    • summary should identify areas of strengths and weaknesses and recommendations should be listed
    • the reviewer should also give an opinion of how well the Section Head has achieved their goals and objectives for this section
    • the external reviewer’s report should be made available to any search committee or committee for their deliberations.


Arrangements for travel and honorariums will be made by the Managing Director's office, consistent with the Visitor Travel process.

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