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Information System Info
Information System: Extended Office
Path/URL: https://extendedoffice.manitoba-ehealth.ca/
Main Contact: Shared Health Service Desk
WRHA / U of M Network: WRHA
Access Form: No

Extended Office gives access on an Digital Health Managed Laptop to the same services/apps you would have at the office.

Education Requirement

Read manual: https://sharedhealthmb.ca/files/health-providers/ra-extendedoffice-ug-31.pdf

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Setting up Extended Office

See manual.

  • Link manual is broken, can't find replacement with site search. The link is on this page twice, both need to be fixed.


  1. Physicians. Access to Extended Office is restricted to those physicians who have an Digital Health Managed Laptop.
  2. Residents. Access to Extended Office is typically not granted to residents.
  3. Others (eg. Physician Services Manager) is granted on a case by case basis.

Getting access to Extended Office

  1. The Systems Analyst would process all Extended office requests. If he is away, please fill in the form using the following instructions.
  2. Locate the form here. Note that you have to be on the WRHA network to access.
  3. Choose the form "Remote Access Service (RAS)"
  4. Fill out as follows:
  5. Requestor's Name: that would be the name of the person filling out the form
  6. Requestor's Phone #: phone # of person filling out form
  7. Request Type: Add New Access
  8. Date Required: Put 5 working days from the date the form was created
  9. Billing Information:
    1. Clinical or Site Name: Put Health Sciences Centre
    2. Address: Room GC430, 820 Sherbook
    3. City/Town: Winnipeg
    4. Province: Manitoba
    5. Postal Code: R3A 1R9
    6. Department/Program:
      • Put Medicine/Section where Section is the Section the user is from.
      • Put "admin" if the person is from the administrative section of Medicine
    7. Cost Centre: Put N/A.
  10. User Information:
    1. First Name: put first name of user
    2. Last Name: put last name of user
  11. Network User ID: Put user's network ID. This would be the first part of their WRHA address. For example assume Dr. Emily Stowe has an email address of estowe@hsc.mb.ca. The network ID would be estowe.
  12. Manitoba Digital Health Laptop Hostname. Leave blank.
  13. Under "User of Remote Access":
    1. Put Users name preceded by Dr. if a physician
    2. Title of user is the job title of the user
  14. Approving Director:
  15. Name is the name of the Managing Director if they are unavailable have Department Head
  16. Title is Managing Director
  17. Have the user sign and then have the Managing Director/Department Head sign
  18. Scan the form and send it into the Servicedesk (in Global Address Book)

Removing access to Extended Office

  1. Fill in the Extended Office form above and click on "remove." The only signature necessary is a Physician Services Manager or Managing Director.

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