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Name: Executive Committee

The Department of Internal Medicine Executive Committee is the leadership forum of the department. As the major advisory body to the Department Head, the committee plays an essential role in strategic planning, policy development and implementation, and fiscal management. The committee serves as an important communication channel within the department and ensures the bi-directional flow of accurate and timely information between leadership of the department and Sections, and the individual departmental members.


  • To advise the Department Head on strategic directions and important issues relevant to patient care, education, research, and finance.
  • To review and advise on policies and procedures, reports and proposals, budgets and other major financial decisions.
  • To receive information and approve recommendations arising from the Department of Internal Medicine’s Standing Committees.
  • To monitor and develop responses to university, regional, or site issues that may impact the department.
  • To provide a forum encouraging input from all Sections and programs of the department.
  • To share departmental, university, WRHA, Shared Health and other related business with members.

Meeting Schedule

The committee will meet every second Wednesday of each month throughout the academic year (September to June) from 7:30–8:55 a.m. unless otherwise stipulated by the Chair. Additional meetings may be called by the Chair, as required.


  • Each committee member is expected to attend at least 70% of the meetings in person.
  • If a committee member is unable to attend in person, he/she should delegate an experienced colleague to attend and represent the respective Section/Standing Committee, and notify the Chair, Dr. Eberhard Renner.
  • Section representation will be reported to all members in the year-end annual report.

Conflicts of Interest

  • Conflicts of interest must be declared and, if relevant, committee members may be asked to leave the room for the discussion and, in any case, are not allowed to vote on that particular agenda item.


  • In case a vote is required, the quorum will be 60% of the committee members.
  • Each member of the committee will have one vote.
  • In case of a tie vote, it will be at the discretion of the Chair to break the tie.

Minutes of the Committee

  • Minutes will be taken at all meetings. The meeting minutes will note attendance, regrets and absences for all members, and summarize key discussion points, decisions and action items.
  • Minutes are approved at each meeting by vote/show-of-hands.
  • Meeting minutes and agenda will be circulated by e-mail at least one week prior to each meeting.


  • Each committee member is accountable for treating any confidential information discussed at the meeting strictly confidential. In case of a breach of confidentiality, appropriate disciplinary and/or legal actions will be taken.

The Department of Internal Medicine Executive Committee Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually.



This committee deals with the following policies:

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