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This page tries to make sense of which emails people are using, how to best use them in combination, etc.


Physicians, Residents, and some Department employees often have a U of M and a WRHA address.

As per the Chief Privacy Officer of the WRHA: The WRHA, nor any of its affiliated personnel may use non-secure email to communicate personal health information. PHIA sec 18(2)(c)requires that a trustee ensure that electronic communication of PHI may not be intercepted. This is a requirement of all trustees and their representatives under the law. This is why the WRHA incurred the expense of providing the secure email address that must be used for WRHA purposes. Forwarding same to an external email account is not an option.

Physicians and Residents must use their WRHA (HSC/St. B., etc.) email address as per Brock Wright, Chief Medical Officer of the WRHA. Email cannot be forwarded to any external email address. See File:ReminderSecureEmailWRHAMedStaffResidentsSept2018.pdf.

Department Staff must use their WRHA email address to communicate personal health information. This information cannot be sent to an external (non-WRHA/HSC, etc.) address.

Standardization of Email Addresses for Physicians and Residents

For new Physicians and Residents, they will only be provided a address. For existing residents and physicians, this email address has been added to their email profile. All emails will be received at the physicians existing address (eg. Emily Stowe will receive all messages). If you want the address to be the "default" please contact the Systems Analyst or Systems Support Analyst.

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