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Information System Info
Information System: EPR
Main Contact: Shared Health Service Desk
WRHA / U of M Network: WRHA
Access Form: Yes

Electronic record for admitted acute care patients

Education Requirement

Courses available via Learning Management System (LMS) select Clinical Software>EPR>WHRP EPR consulting physician

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Setting up EPR

for the system used in the ambulatory care clinics, see Accuro instead of this page.

EPR stands for Electronic Patient Record. It is used to some degree at all acute care sites in the WRHA and at HSC, and is also used for Admission, Transfer and Discharge (ADT) purposes.

Workstation is not registered

When a message that the workstation is not registered after logging in to EPR. Take the workstation hostname i.e HSGC4XXXXXXXX and email to the Systems Analyst or Systems Support Analyst.

Getting access to EPR

There are different processes for this for Residents/External Elective Residents vs Physicians

Process for Physicians


Please contact the Systems Analyst to have someone setup. If they are unavailable, please follow these instructions: One would check off EPR on the ACMT form. Then fill in the user code by clicking on the link in the ACMT form. Common examples are: Group: Providers:

  • hscclinicalassist for a Clinical Assistant
  • hscnursepractioner for a Nurse Practioner
  • hscphysician for a physician
  • WRHAres for a resident
  • hscadtesview for secretaries or transcriptionists

Group: Pharmacy

  • hscresultsclin for research staff

Under EPR associated clinics, you can click on the link. However, in almost all cases you would enter GEN here on the ACMT form.

Ensure that when you send the email in to the Shared Health Service Desk you ask that the person be given to access to EDIS as well.


See [[St. Boniface Hospital - EPR Access ]]


Process for Residents/External Elective Residents

Residents: Please see Remote Access to Shared Health Network - Unmanaged (Home PC) computer experience#Residents

Trainees rotating at SBH who need SB EPR Access:

Residents need to register for EPR-P class.

  • Program Administrator to email: SBH Education Registration at: SBHEducationRegistration@sbgh.mb.ca and
    • Jacqueline Guigueno
    • Secretary, Education Services
    • Rm. N2040 – St. Boniface Hospital - CLASS LOCATION is actually in Room N2057
    • 409 Taché Avenue
    • Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 2A6
    • Phone: 204-237-2231
    • Fax: 204-231-4065
    • Email: jguiguen@sbgh.mb.ca

Removing access to EPR

See Remove Users Access to an Application at WRHA‎‎. Note that if the person is leaving, you would follow these instructions: Terminating Computer Access at WRHA. If access from off-site was used for only this application, also cancel Remote Access to Shared Health Network - Unmanaged (Home PC) computer experience.

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