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Information System Info
Information System: EPIC
Path/URL: Accessed via JUMP
Main Contact: Aurora finance helpdesk
WRHA / U of M Network:
Access Form: No

EPIC is the EProcurement tool the University of Manitoba uses, a part of Aurora Finance. This web-based tool allows for paperless purchasing of goods and services. EPIC is tied into BANNER and FAST in that once an approval of a purchase requisition takes place, funds are electronically committed to a FOAP.

Education Requirement

Online training only: https://umanitoba.ca/computing/renewal/aurora/finance/elearning/index.html Note that training and guides (eg. reporting, purchasing, etc.) are also located here

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Setting up EPIC

This page is intended to be a guide for the Systems Analyst and Systems Support Analyst to give or cancel access to EPIC.

See also Procurement at U of M for info on how to use this system.

Setting up a new employee in EPIC

  1. University Employees
    1. Login to signUM using your UMNetID. If you do not have a UMNetID, please see Arrange for computer access at U of M.
    2. If you forgot your password see How to Reset Your U of M Password
  2. Non U of M employees
    1. Ensure individual has a UMNetID. If they don't, have one created. See Arrange for computer access at U of M
    2. If the individual already has a UMNetID, please email the IST servicedesk [here] and cc the sponsor to ask them to add EPIC access and Aurora-INB access to the account. You would reference this number when you email Aurora Finance the form.
    3. If the person does not have a U of M employee, followObtaining a Pseudo U of M Employee Number FIRST BEFORE SUBMITTING any form listed below to Aurora Finance.
    4. Fill in the form. You would fill the user's name, their Employee #, and fill in their UMNetID, and their email, as well as their Faculty/Unit.
    5. Under the EPIC section, click on Requester. It is very unusual, except in the case of obtaining access for a Physician Services Manager, Managing Director or Finance Manager, to click on Approver. One "should" NOT be a requester and an approver, as due diligence will not be performed. If one is an approver, they must have signing authority, see Requesting access to administer financial accounts at the University of Manitoba.
    6. Have the user sign the form and fill in the date and their place of employment.
    7. Under Faculty/Unit Authorization, type in the Managing Director's information and have them sign it.
    8. Send the form to Aurora_Finance@umanitoba.ca, and give them the incident for the creation of the sponsored account-see Arrange for computer access at U of M.

Problems with EPIC Punch - Out Catalogues (eg. G&T)

If you get a spinning wheel when you try to add an item in a punch-out catalogue and are on the Digital Health network, fix it this way:

  1. In Microsoft Edge Chromium:
    1. Press ALT key and the letter “F” key simultaneously. Click settings;
    2. )Click on Cookies and Site Permissions;
    3. Click on the arrow besides Manage and delete cookies and site data to expand options available;
    4. Under allow, click on “Add Site,” and then for the site put https://s1.ariba.com/
    5. click on “include third party data cookies on this site”
    6. for the site put https://s1.ariba.com/
    7. click add.
  1. In Chrome:
    1. Press ALT key and the letter “F” key simultaneously. Click settings;
    2. Click Privacy and Security;
    3. Click the arrow under “Cookies and other site data” to expand the options;
    4. Scroll down and under “sites that can always use cookies,” click Add;
    5. for the site put https://s1.ariba.com/
    6. Click on “include third party data cookies on this site”;
    7. click add.

Cancelling an employee's access to EPIC

  1. Access to EPIC is cancelled by filling out the following form.
    1. If the user has signing authority, the U of M Change Authorization Form MUST be filled out.
  2. If the user is leaving the Department, please follow the instructions here: Terminating Computer Access at U of M.
  • Physicians and/or Principle Investigators (P.I.) would only need access if they hold a UM research fund and approve their own purchases through their research fund. Otherwise, a PSM who has signing authority can approve the purchase as they can also view the fund to see if there is available funds.

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