Dr. Neeloffer Mookherjee

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Contact Info (edit)
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Name: Neeloffer Mookherjee
Rank: Associate Professor
Section: Biomedical Proteomics
Appointment Type: UMFA
Address: Section of Biomedical Proteomics, 799 John Buhler Research Centre, 715 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3E 3P5
Has secretary: Thorunn Petursdottir
Description Number
fax 204-480-1362
office 204-272-3115
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  • SMW



Committee membership as individual


Grant Agency Amount
Asthma Canada/Mookherjee/Pi Asthma Canada/Mookherjee/Pi 8,925.0
Bioanalyzer for sample quality control of RNA, DNA and proteins SREF 25,000.0
CIHR/ SVB-158629 Mookherjee CIHR/ SVB-158629 Mookherjee 148,000.0
CIHR/ICT-163367/Mostafa/Mookherjee CIHR/ICT-163367/Mostafa/Mookherjee 4,000.0
CIHR/MOP-133409/Mookherjee CIHR/MOP-133409/Mookherjee 567,162.0
CIHR/PJT-155989 Mookherjee CIHR/PJT-155989 Mookherjee 661,725.0
Cytokines and host defence peptides: Mechanisms of immunomodulation NSERC 210,000.0
NSERC RGPIN 435549-13/Mookherjee NSERC RGPIN 435549-13/Mookherjee 250,000.0
Regulation of airway inflammation: Cytokine IL-17 and cathelicidin host defence peptide LL-37 University of Manitoba and Ottawa Hospital Research Institute 19,425.0
Sex and asthma: Immunomodulatory mechanisms of airway inflammation CIHR 694,484.0
U British Columbia/WCB/Mookherjee U British Columbia/WCB/Mookherjee 84,000.0
UofM/FlynnFami/Mookherjee UofM/FlynnFami/Mookherjee 29,400.0

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Network/Digital Health Account no special instructions Every employee role
UmIntMed Wiki as a viewer and page holder Every employee role

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Accessibility for Manitobans - Customer Service Every employee role Post-arrival
Arrange for telephone number Every employee role Post-hire-pre-arrive
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PHIA training Every employee role Post-arrival
PHIA training Every employee role Post-arrival
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Purchase computer hardware and software Every employee role Post-hire-pre-arrive
Vulnerable sector search Every employee role Pre-hire

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