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Contact Info (edit)
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Name: Laura E. Targownik
Rank: Associate Professor
Section: Gastroenterology
Appointment Type: GFT
Address: Section of Gastroenterology, 805G John Buhler Research Centre, 715 McDermot Avenue
Has secretary: Emma Shaw
Description Number
Clinic 204-787-7011
Clinic Fax 204-940-2689
Office 204-789-3369
Office Fax 204-789-3972









Research Interest

  • GI bleeding outcomes research
  • Pharmacoepidemiology of proton pump inhibitor use
  • process of care issues regarding the management of gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Prevention of NSAID related gastrointestinal complications.

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Info Systems

InfoSystem AdditionalSetupInfo role
Accuro EMR no special instructions Physician
AGFA PACS no special instructions Physician
Aria no special instructions Gastroenterologist
DI Viewer no special instructions Physician
DOCSS no special instructions Physician
EChart no special instructions Physician
EDIS no special instructions Physician
Endovault no special instructions Gastroenterologist
Entrada no special instructions Physician
EPR no special instructions Physician
ESign no special instructions Physician
IMPAX no special instructions Physician
Mainport App no special instructions Physician
Oculys no special instructions Physician
Provincial Dictation and Transcription System no special instructions Physician
Salumatics no special instructions Physician
UmIntMed Wiki as a viewer and page holder Every employee role
Unified Gateway no special instructions Physician
UpToDate no special instructions Physician
VENTIS no special instructions Physician

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OnboardingProcess role timeframe
Air mask training Physician Post-arrival
Child abuse registry check Every employee role Pre-hire
Complete Physician Contract Physician Pre-hire
Creating a new person page Every employee role Pre-hire
Criminal record check Every employee role Pre-hire
Federal and Provincial Tax forms Every employee role Pre-hire
Fire plan Every employee role Post-arrival
Getting a new person started on the wiki Every employee role Post-arrival
How to arrange for a pager Physician Post-hire-pre-arrive
How to Order a Lab Coat Physician Post-hire-pre-arrive
How to update your information in the phone directory Every employee role Post-hire-pre-arrive
New employee Onboarding email template Every employee role Post-hire-pre-arrive
Physician Billing Number Physician Post-hire-pre-arrive
Physician Billing Services Physician Post-hire-pre-arrive
Vulnerable sector search Every employee role Pre-hire

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Information Systems Training

Information System Education Requirement Role
Accuro EMR Training by Kym's group, more info needed. Physician
UmIntMed Wiki Every employee role

General onboarding training

OnboardingProcess role EducationRequirement
Air mask training Physician


  • Call the fit tester directly at 204-787-4977 or 204-792-0147, you can contact our office directly at 204-787-3312. The fit tester can also be reached via email her name is Kim Malo or the appointments can be booked via the OESH HSC email.


Interro-01.gif how is it done there?


Interro-01.gif how is it done there?

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