Provincial Dictation and Transcription System

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The Provincial Dictation and Transcription System (PDAT) allows providers to dictate patient care reports and facilitates transcription by a team of Internal Medicine transcriptionists and managed by the Transcription Manager.

Providers using PDAT use ESign to electronically sign their transcriptions.

PDAT process

Physicians dictate their correspondence into PDAT using one of the following methods:

The dictations are transcribed by the transcriptionists and ...

Interro-01.gif What then? There must be steps for this...

  • somehow the docs are notified that transcription is complete
  • docs review and either accept and esign or reject
  • letters are
    • (printed and mailed) / faxed to pre-determined recipients (eg. referring physician) and destinations (eg. clinics) as instructed by the provider.
    • filed in Accuro EMR
    • filed in the patient's health record

The Transcription Manager has access to Provincial Dictation and Transcription System reporting to view the current cue and progress.



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