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Completeness of data

Admins and Drs have somewhat different expected data sets. The following sections list pages for both types when data is missing.

Support staff with people data missing

person pages where any data field is not entered

_pageName FirstName LastName Address Email Gender ReportsTo
Allyson Pham Allyson Pham F
Amy Cote Amy Cote St. Boniface Hospital, Y3200-1-409 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2H 2A6 F
Angela Harper Angela Harper F
Angela MacDonald Angela MacDonald F
Ashley LaRosa Ashley Larosa F
Audrey Giesbrecht-Seddon Audrey Giesbrecht-Seddon F Dr. Eberhard Renner
Barbara King Barbara King F Cathy Belanger
Barbara Kyweriga Barbara Kyweriga F Cathy Belanger
Bonnie Coss Bonnie Coss Manitoba Blood and Marrow Transplant Program, CancerCare Manitoba F
Bonny Provo Bonny Provo St. Boniface Hospital, Y3005-409 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2H 2A6 F
Carol Colluci Carol Colucci F Cathy Belanger
Carol Colucci Carol Colucci F Cathy Belanger
Carolyn Garlinski Carolyn Garlinski F
Casandra Dolovich Casandra Dolovich F Dr. Leigh Anne Shafer
Cassandra Deacon Cassandra Deacon St. Boniface Hospital, BG034-409 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2H 2A6 F
Cathy Belanger Cathy Belanger F Dale Gustafson
Christine Sawatzky Christine Sawatzky St. Boniface Hospital, C5-409 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2H 2A6 F
Cindy Giesbrecht Cindy Giesbrecht S107 - 750 Bannatyne Avenue F
Colleen Sangster Colleen Sangster F Cathy Belanger
Darlene Mercredi Darlene Mercredi F Cathy Belanger
Debbie Schmidt Debbie Schmidt Section of Nephrology, Seven Oaks General Hospital, 2PD13-2300 McPhillips Street, Winnipeg, MB R2V 3M3 F
Diane Gurney Diane Gurney St. Boniface Hospital, Y3005-409 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2H 2A6 F
Dianne Charney Dianne Charney F Cathy Belanger
Donna Donovan Donna Donovan F Cathy Belanger
Eleonor Miranda Eleonor Miranda Research Institute in Oncology & Hematology, CancerCare Manitoba, 675 McDermot Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3E 0V9 F
Erva Ritson Erva Ritson Administration, 300 Booth Dr. Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 3M7
External person {{{FirstName}}} {{{LastName}}} X
Geri Krzysztofik Geri Krzysztofik F Cathy Belanger
Grant Warren Grant Warren M Suzanne Doyle
Heather Klyne Heather Klyne F Cathy Belanger
Janessa Kaus Janessa Kaus Room CR1060, St. Boniface Hospital
Joelle Rixon Joelle Rixon F Cathy Belanger
Judith McFarland Judith McFarland Y3500-15 - 409 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2H 2A6 F
Kaeren Anderson Kaeren Anderson F Cathy Belanger
Karan Kraft Karan Kraft Y32002 - 409 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2H 2A6 F
Karen Quilloy Karen Quilloy F Cathy Belanger
Kathleen Canicula Kathleen Canicula Victoria General Hospital, Cardiology Clinic, G162-2340 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2E8 F
Kathleen Rondeau Kathleen Rondeau F
Kerri Farr Kerri Farr F Cathy Belanger
Lauren Shute Lauren Shute F Dr. Kelly MacDonald
Laurice DeGuzman Laurice DeGuzman F Cathy Belanger
Laurie Osadick Laurie Osadick F Cathy Belanger
Leigh Roberts Leigh Roberts F Cathy Belanger
Lisa Angelkovski Lisa Angelkovski F Cathy Belanger
Lisa Blackman Lisa Blackman F Cathy Belanger
Marcella Piercy Marcella Piercy F Cathy Belanger
Marcia Vanderwater Marcia Vanderwater CancerCare Manitoba, 675 McDermot Avenue F
Margaret Popowich Margaret Popowich F Cathy Belanger
Marie Geraldine Balcaen Marie Geraldine Balcaen F Cathy Belanger
May DeGuzman May DeGuzman F Cathy Belanger
Monica Preteau Monica Preteau C5002-1 - 409 Tache Ave
Natalia Llorin Natalia Llorin F
Nelinda Chua Nelinda Chua F Cathy Belanger
Nemia De Grano Nemia De Grano St. Boniface Hospital, N1033-409 Tache Ave., Wpg, MB R2H 2A6 F
Pamela Vokey Pamela Vokey F Cathy Belanger
Paulette Devigne Paulette Devigne St. Boniface General Hospital, Cardiology - Y3500-12 F
Rhonda Stevenson Rhonda Stevenson Room 312 Canadian Blood Services Building 777 William Avenue
Rita Mann Rita Mann Y3400-1 SBH
Rychee Sam Rychee Sam C5-409 Tache, St. Boniface General Hospital X
Sample Data Collector person page test test X
Sandra Klippenstein Sandra Klippenstein C5102 - St. Boniface Hospital, 409 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg MB R2H 2A6 F
Sheila Marte Sheila Marte F Cathy Belanger
Sherri Corrigan Sherri Corrigan F Cathy Belanger
Sherri Pockett Sherri Pockett F Dr. Pamela Katz
Stephanie Skinner Stephanie Skinner F Cathy Belanger
Susan Christianson Susan Christianson F Cathy Belanger
Tamara Hillius Tamara Hillius CancerCare Manitoba, 675 McDermot Avenue F
Test person {{{FirstName}}} {{{LastName}}} X
Tiffiny Nelson Tiffiny Nelson Section of Nephrology, GE445 - 820 Sherbrook Street F
Trish Ostryzniuk Trish Ostryzniuk JJ387 HSC
Vetty Zahro Vetty Zahro X External person
Vikas Sehgal Vikhas Sehgal F Cathy Belanger
Wendy Bencharski Wendy Bencharski GF324 - 820 Sherbrook Street, Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg, MB R3A 1R9 F
Wendy Cirillo Wendy Cirillo 806-715 McDermot Ave. F
Weronika Luczkanin Weronika Luczkanin F

secretaryTo compound field

This will be correct in many cases, but if any secretaries who support physicians are listed here they would need to be updated.

no results were found

Drs with people data missing

Error: operator for the virtual field 'Person.Section' must be 'HOLDS', 'HOLDS NOT', 'HOLDS LIKE' or 'HOLDS NOT LIKE'.

Initially I included all who have missing date entries but that is the majority, so not helpful; cutting those out for now, but if we want to add them back, add the following back to the where clause of the query:

OR (SD is null) OR (ED is null) OR (PD is null) OR (RD is null)


Our people pages contain four date values:

  • SD
  • ED - can't even remember what this stands for or whether "is this the next or the most recent one?" is a reasonable question for this one.
  • PD - is this the next or the most recent one?
  • RD - is this the next or the most recent one?
Discuss.gif We talked about whether or not we wanted to actually explain and define these on the wiki. At the time we decided not to. Now they are being used inconsistently, so maybe we should document them after all? Let me know if so and I will set up the pages.

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