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This page explains how the user interface part of this wiki (in contrast to the content) can be modified. See Custom edit button bar for info on modifying the editor tool bar.


Like most other user interface components, the content can be edited right from the wiki front end by any user who has Special:UserRights to do this. As of 17:35, 23 January 2019 (CST), Tom Fraser, Raymund Roque, Dale Gustafson and Tina Tenbergen do.

See for a complete list of user interface elements. It is huge, so the trick to finding things is to text search the page for a small snippet of the interface part you want to edit. The wiki tries to get the grammar right, so sometimes finding the text may be hard as the content will have programming to deal with grammar and other variables, so if you don't find the item at first, look at a few of the others to understand the pattern of what might be masked and then search again. Also an option is to google something like "mediawiki change sidebar".

way to see what custom messages are used on a page

Add the following to the end of the URL of a page to see what messages it uses: &uselang=qqx [1]

Some changes we have made


for all the pages we created hat modify the interface (plus a handful that come with SMW).


We changed the navigation part to only link to specific pages that are important to the department. See MediaWiki:Sidebar for current version.

watchlist email

The automated watchlist email had a whole lot of links in it and was just about unglimpsable. So, we edited it to only show the link to the diff view between the current version and the last version the recipient of the email has seen.

  • MediaWiki:Enotif_body to remove all generalities
  • MediaWiki:Enotif_lastdiff to no longer show the link to the most recent edit
  • a number of pages starting with "MediaWiki:Enotif subject" to give a shorter name for our wiki in the subject line