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  • Critical Care Journal Club Rounds are catered rounds held each month alternating between Wednesday evening (6-8pm) and Thursday afternoon (1-3pm) every academic year from September to June (breaks for summer).
  • The task of arranging presenters and topics falls to the Chief Resident with guidance from the Program Director.

A MASTER schedule is kept by the Chief Resident and by the Program Administrator - Critical Care and distributed to all presenters as needed.

Discuss.gif Someone covering would need to know how and where the master schedule is kept, and would need to have access to it. Can you add some detail for that?
  • The rounds are attended by ICU residents and faculty.
  • Rounds are always held in room JL397/399 at the Health Sciences Centre. The Wednesday evening rounds are linked by MBTelehealth to SBH E2036, while the Thursday afternoon rounds are linked to both SBH E2036 as well as GGH Conference Room B or the Bill Larson Lecture Hall (whichever is available). See also Critical Care - Room Bookings
  • Program Administrator - Critical Care notifies the presenters 3-4 weeks in advance and requests topics as well as choice of restaurant. Program Administrator - Critical Care then sends out Outlook invites and requests that all invitees RSVP for the purpose of accurate attendance numbers.
  • The food is paid for by the Program Director's credit card, receipt to Sarah Bernaldo for reimbursement. Program Administrator - Critical Care arranges to meet delivery guy and deliver food order on cart to room, or designates a resident (or volunteer) to do so.
  • Program Administrator - Critical Care will send out LimeSurveys to all faculty following Critical Care - Journal Club Rounds. Completed lime surveys are used to track CPD/CME education credits and a tally of the completed surveys is used to generate an annual CME Summary report sent out by a LimeSurvey Administrator to all participating faculty. See also CPD Tracking

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