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Resident Assessments

  • For all residents (CBME and Time-Based) Weekly Clinical Supervision Assessments (CSAs) are triggered in Entrada by Program Administrator - Critical Care for all Critical Care rotations. The CSAs are sent to the supervising attending on the unit (as per call schedule) by Friday of each week. The final (4th) CSA of each rotation is sent in lieu of ITAR.
  • Where ICU resident goes off-service (i.e. Echo, Bronchoscopy, Cardiac Anesthesia, etc.) one single CSA is triggered in Entrada by Program Administrator - Critical Care. The assessment can be delegated to the Program Administrator of said program or to faculty. If not delegating to the appropriate admin, an email or phone call should be exchanged with the admin to find out the name of the faculty responsible for completion.
  • The completion of all assessments is paramount to resident progress through the ICU program. Missing EPAs delays progress of the trainee to the next phase of their CBME journey and may delay their graduation. Reminders are sent to assessors within 72 hours for any outstanding assessments.

Resident Evaluations

  • Residents must fill out individual evaluations to assess all rotations, preceptors, and educational events offered by the program. Program Administrator - Critical Care will be distributing evaluations in Entrada for any ICU or off-service residents participating in an ICU rotation.

Lime Surveys

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