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This is the process to start an expense report in Concur Travel & Expense for submitting expenses for a U of M staff member (GFTs, Research Staff, UMFA Members)

  • U of M employees can submit original receipts from attending meeting/conference/course (within Travel - UofM guidelines) for reimbursement of expenses directly to CONCUR themselves, unless otherwise determined within the section and Physician Services Manager (PSM).
  • Secretary scans receipts to upload into Concur when creating an expense report.
  • Creates an expense report in Concur Travel & Expense and attach pertinent receipts in PDF file.
  • Checks the Concur approval flow and update approvers’ name, as required.
  • When report is ready to review click the “notify employee” so physician is notified that report is ready to review and submit to approvers.
  • Secretary can print a detailed summary report in Concur (For file). The Physician Services Manager (PSM) can also print a copy when they approve the CONCUR claim. This is a requirement as per University of Manitoba - Month End Financial Reconciliation.
Discuss.gif Step 13 in there is the only one mentioning Concur and it doesn't say anything about printing. This point says things can be printed. A lot of stuff can be printed. If this are process instructions, then either stuff should be printed for a purpose, or it should not be. Which is it?

Secretary may keep a scanned copy in hard drive (X) for secretary’s file to refer to, but not necessary as these receipts are already in CONCUR, if Travel Services rejects claim and the secretary needs to follow up and resubmit.

Discuss.gif Can a secretary who reviews these see the submitted receipts in CONCUR? If so, why store? Again, these are instructions, we can do all sorts of things, which should we do?

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