Creating an expense report in Concur Travel & Expense

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This is the process to start an expense report in Concur Travel & Expense.

Interro-01.gif This would be done by secretaries for GFTs only, right? How about the process for submitting resident travel (How to process Resident Travel Applications), is it the same?
  • Physician gives to secretary the original receipts from attending meeting/conference/course (within Travel - UofM guidelines) for reimbursement of expenses.
  • Secretary scans receipts to upload into Concur when creating an expense report.
  • Creates an expense report in Concur Travel & Expense and attach pertinent receipts in PDF file.
  • Checks the Concur approval flow and update approvers’ name, as required.
  • When report is ready to review click the “notify employee” so physician is notified that report is ready to review and submit to approvers.
  • Print a detailed summary report in Concur with receipts and give a copy to PSM (For file) and keep a scanned copy in hard drive (X) for secretary’s file.
Interro-01.gif If this info is in Concur, what is the purpose of us keeping an additional copy?

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