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Eventually all Roles associated with the department might have an article on this wiki. This allows linking to them from other pages such as category:policy articles. To make new role articles consistent, start with the following:

The {{PAGENAME}} is involved with <few things? just about everything?>, see [[#Related Articles]].

The role is currently held by: 
* [[RoleHeldBy::<page name>]]

<keep this only and edit it if information systems are associated with a role>
== Information Systems ==
=== Applications ===
This role uses the following applications: 
* [[UsesInfoSystem::<file share page name>]]

=== File Shares ===
This role uses the following file shares: 
* [[UsesFileShare::<file share page name>]]


Assigning people to roles

See How to assign a role to a person

Wiki infrastructure

Interro-01.gif We'll need some way to declare which other roles this role "inherits". EG. Respiratory Medicine Secretary would inherit everything from Secretary and only list separately what is unique to that role.