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Eventually every person associated with the department might have an article on this wiki. This allows linking to them from other pages such as category:role articles.

How to add a new person

Begin by Creating a new article for the person.

To make new person articles consistent, copy the following into the article:

{{ResearchInterest | < their research interest > }}
<!-- Optional: Replace this tag with specific info about the person.>

<!-- Comment: the following will add the automatic listings at the 
   bottom of person articles 

Save this, and then click the (edit) link in the contact info box in the top left corner. It will open a form that lists the possible fields and dropdowns for the ones that can only take certain values.

If you want to provide further info about the person after that, click the "edit" tab at the top next to the "page" tab (not the edit button in the contact info box) and edit the article.

If you have a picture available for the person, follow steps in Adding a picture to a person page.

If applicable, fill call Template:ResearchInterest for the person.

Interro-01.gif We need to flesh this out to explain what this is and how it's used.

Add any relevant roles to the person, see How to assign a role to a person.

If you have questions, contact Tina Tenbergen.

Delays in updating articles that are fed by person articles

When a person page is created or updated, other articles depending on that page such as the People article will update automatically.

Sometimes these updates may take a few minutes. To force an update, click the "refresh" tab at the top of that page (not the browser refresh button...).

What to do with their wiki page when a person leaves

Wiki updates when a person leaves

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