Creating a new information system page

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All Information Systems the department uses should have a page on this wiki. This allows linking together all processes that use them, and to keep track what is needed to set up a new employee for a role.

 |description={{Discuss|one sentence of what it is or contains}}
 |processes={{Discuss|names of pages of documentation for processes using this information system}}
 |PathURL={{Discuss|URL if this is a web app}}
 |Network={{Discuss|WRHA, U of M; relevant if a person needs access to that org's network to access the program}}
 |ControlledByACTM={{Discuss|true if access is added and removed by ACTM form}}

== Setting up {{PAGENAME}}  ==
{{Discuss|If the software needs to be installed on a computer or similar, document here}}

== Getting access to {{PAGENAME}}  ==
{{Discuss|Process? Just where on "ACTM" if that is what is used.}}

== Removing access to {{PAGENAME}} ==
{{Discuss|Process? Just where on "ACTM" if that is what is used.}}

== Background ==
To make information systems pages useful they need to consistently provide the same information. To make that happen, they should, at the least, contain [[Template:InfoSystem]] and [[Template:InfoSystemFooter]].


[[Category:<name of information system; only needed if there are other pages in the category, such as for processes using this IS>; if used, also create the category and make sure all pages in it link to this one. ]]

Also update any Roles that need access to this information system. Follow instructions in Creating a new role page.