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If you have any check-lists or how-to documentation we would like to see you move them on the wiki. That way all your colleagues can benefit as well. If something is not clear, any questions that are asked need to only be answered once. If there is a better way to do something, or a process changes, it only needs to be updated in one place.

To start a new how-to article, start a new article and then copy-and-paste the following into it, and update as relevant.

 <Add one sentence starting with "This article explains how to...">

 <replace this with content>

== Related articles ==
{{Related Articles}}


What should go into a how-to article?

Step-by-step instructions. You can separate them in numbered points by

  1. step one
  2. step two....

or by bulletted lists if the order does not matter, e.g.

  • apple
  • orange

If the article is related to any other article on the wiki, e.g. a policy, a role or a person, please make sure you link to the articles. You might also want to go to that article and make sure it is linked in with your how-to.

If there are categories relevant to your how-to, put the how-to into that category by adding e.g.

 [[Category:Wiki use]] 

at the end of the article. See Special:Categories for a list of categories.

What should NOT go into a how-to article?

Just about only Things that should not go on this wiki.