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Eventually every committee associated with the department might have an article on this wiki. This allows linking to them from other pages such as category:policy articles. To make new committee articles consistent, follow the instruction in Creating a new article and then add the following and modify as relevant:

| Chair = <article name only, not link>
| Function = <one-liner to describe function of committee>

<put committee terms of reference here>

== Members ==
* {{CommitteeMember | <put link to person or role here>}}
use as many of the following as applicable - if you can't figure out how to make them work don't worry too much about it and let Tina or Tom know - this part is a bit tricky, we'll tweak it.
* {{#show: <committee page name> | ?CommitteeChair | link = none}} to pull in a chair of another committee, e.g. {{#show: Financial Oversight and Advisory Committee| ?CommitteeChair | link = none}}
* {{ResolveRole|<no space after |, then name of an article in [[:category:role]]>}} to pull in someone with a specific role, e.g. {{ResolveRole|Managing Director}}
*  these can be nested: 
** {{#show:Postgraduate Medical Education Committee|?CommitteeChair}}
** {{ResolveRole|{{#show:Postgraduate Medical Education Committee|?CommitteeChair| link = none}}}}
* to pull in the holder of a role (this will break if the role has multiple holders): 
** {{CommitteeMember | {{#show:Managing Director|?RoleHeldBy| link = none}}}}

== Responsibilities ==
This committee deals with the following policies: 
<you should not need to edit this part as long as the policy is correctly set up to reference this committee; see [[Creating a new policy page]] for more info. Delete this comment when done.>
{{#ask: [[Category:Policy]] [[PolicyCommittee::{{PAGENAME}}]]
 |?Modification date
 |intro= List of Internal Medicine Policy articles
 |default=No policies found
 |class=sortable wikitable smwtable

== Related articles ==
{{Related Articles}}