Creating a new article

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This is one way to start a new article that should work well in our setting:

  1. Search for the article as if you knew it already exists. You want to be sure no one else has already created it, possibly under a name you would not have thought of.
  2. If you don't find it, think of a name for the article. Keep in mind that a lot of people use this wiki, so be specific. For example "using the projector" is probably not a good name because it doesn't tell which projector and there are many. A better name might be "Instructions for the the Section of Gastroenterology projector".
  3. While logged into the wiki search for that exact name. The wiki will tell you the article doesn't exist, and give you a red link to create it. Click that link.
  4. Add content. There are instructions on creating some specific kinds of articles (Creating a new committee page, Creating a new file share page, Creating a new how-to article, Creating a new information system page, Creating a new person page, Creating a new physician type page, Creating a new policy page, Creating a new role page, Creating a new rounds page, Creating a new section page. If several apply, pick and chose from each. If none apply just start the articles and the rest of us will sort it out.
  5. Categorize the page
  6. Show-preview, save.