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Discuss.gif This page may be an evil twin of CaRMS Match. Then again, that page is a policy page, so maybe policy type info should live there, and process/procedure type info here, with links. Duplication needs to be removed, regardless of where the info lives. I have also moved info here from Program Administrator - Core (Training Schedules and CaRMS schedule) , see #moved from role page. It needs to be integrated on this page as well.

Suggestions: All CaRMS related stuff, go to Umanitoba email, to keep separate. I found this helpful but had my email set up in my Outlook to make it accessible.

Quick Overview

Interview held over a three day period, off site (Inn at The Forks).
Five teams consisting of a faculty member and a senior resident involved in the interview process.
Candidates are also interviewed by either the program director or assistant program director in addition to their panel interview.
All interviewers receive access to the CaRMs website prior to the interviews, to be able to review their application (CV, Reference letters, MSRP, Test results, letter)
Chief Residents provide a PowerPoint presentation about the program and city at the start of each interview day.
Candidates are split into two groups. While one group are having their interviews, the second group are on the hospital tour. The process is repeated in the afternoon. The Program rents a bus to shuttle the applicants from the hotel to the two teaching hospitals for the tours. Residents are available throughout the day at Inn at The Forks and for all aspects of the tours.
The Program hosts an informal dinner at a local restaurant in the evenings before each interview day. A ratio of one resident to about five applicants is applied so that all the candidates have access and opportunity for questions about the program, city, housing, etc.
Hotel catering, meeting rooms, and shuttle bus are funded by the Department of Internal Medicine.

You will find all documents to update for each year, in the CaRMS folder on the U: Drive under My Documents: CARMS ie. Interview scheduler, sample letters, Applicant spreadsheets, interviewer information, day of event information etc.

PA is responsible for

  • In June, program descriptions will need to be updated. PGME will advise on this time frame.
  • Log into CaRMS Website and print off the Important Dates for the year
    • Early September program descriptions due
    • Early September CaRMS online opens for applicants to see
    • Early November File reviewer and Filter set up
    • Later November File Review Period begins
    • End of Jan/ Early Feb – National Interview Period ( 3 weeks) – 3 days will be picked by the PD to hold Interviews, usually a Mon/Tues and Friday or similar.
    • Mid- February – Deadline to submit Rank order List through CaRMS online
    • Beginning March – MATCH day ( applicants find out their R1 MATCH details)
  • Set up File reviewers in the CaRMS website/ PD will give names
  • After File Review closes, From CaRMS Online, obtain complete lists of applicants (CMG and IMG’s) File for your use.
    • New for 2020, USMG are grouped in with the CMG’s for the First iteration, if they did their training in an Allopathic training school.
  • PD will provide with “invited list” of applicants for all streams.
  • Send Complete Applicants lists for CMG and IMG to Daniel at the CaRMS scheduling site : 'Daniel Labarca'

Once applicants are uploaded, go In and selected the “invited” applicants only. Doing it this way, allows All applicants to see if they were chosen for an interview or not.

    • Also new for 2020 – On the CaRMS Online, down load the .csv spreadsheets of applicants and document whether selected or not selected for interview, so the candidates can see from there also. This should cut down on inquiries from wondering residents.

The .csv file must include three columns: CaRMS ID, Applicant Name and Interview Status. If you download from the site, it will be set up accordingly.

  • The first week of January, Daniel will send tokens to the CMG and IMG interviewees, so they can sign up for Interview spots.
  • CaRMS site will open for Interviews.
  • The applicants receive their invite from CaRMS, are given access to the invited schools with interview dates and then the site opens for scheduling 24 hours later. This gives them time to plan out their travel and corresponding interviews.
  • At the same time, 11 am CST, I send BCC emails to the CMG and IMG interviewees with the information regarding the Interview process and our dates. This tells them they were short listed and are invited for Interviews with the University of Manitoba Internal Medicine Department. Download a list of those invited (after selecting in site) to have a list of Emails.
  • Spots generally fill and there is not normally a need for 2nd Iteration, but I guess it could happen.

Planning for the CaRMS days

  • Use the MASTER Interview Scheduler as your main document, Save many times!

Change all applicable information, such as: Interviewer teams applicant interview time resident resources PD interview time – you can try and use the time template in the document but if an applicant asks for a different time, arrives late, you will need to adjust the PD Interview timeframe to ensure it works.

When I prepare the schedule for day of CaRMS, try and have the PD meeting after the interview. 9 am PD meeting will be not interviewed yet at this point.

  • Print out Pictures Photos are Unmasked January 15 – check timeline on CaRMS R1 Match Timeline (use batch download) from CaRMS Online, write the names on the photos.

These are used to jog the interviews memories at days end. I organized the first day photos ahead of the event and then used the other days during CaRMS to organize the photos into AM/ PM and grouped according to interviewer team.

  • Book shuttle bus for hospital tours and evening social events
  • Communicate with hotel regarding logistics
  • Order food
  • During the day of the event, manage the logistics of the day.
  • Bring projector and laptop from HSC, (rent screen through hotel)/ set up In the banquet hall
  • Welcome and Introduce the Chiefs (sometimes Chiefs just do this)
  • Put up schedules on the doors to banquet hall
  • Check all interview rooms to ensure clean and key works, place a schedule in the room
  • In Banquet hall, put some schedules and a city map on the table
  • Bring a USB with Interview scheduler on it in case you need to make changes. You can use the hotel computer and printer.
  • At days end, the PD and interviews all meet to summarize their ranking for the day. I stay if needed to assist.
  • After third day, PD will supply you with the final Rank Order List.

Rank Order List (ROL)

  • The PD will provide you with the The rank order list (ROL) spreadsheet which needs to be uploaded to the CaRMS site, before the Rank order List deadline in early February.
  • The deadline is provided two ways: 1) on the CaRMS website - top right corner; and 2) CaRMS emails Program Administrators with the deadline listed, which includes details of how to submit the ROL
  • Submitting your ROL Method 1
  • 1. 1.Under the MATCH menu, select Rank order list (ROL).
  • 2. Click on the program for which you wish to submit a rank order list.
  • 3. Rank applicants by entering a number next to their name. If you wish to leave an applicant out of your list, leave the box empty and click SAVE DRAFT.
  • 4. If you wish to remove an applicant from a saved list, click on the garbage icon to the right of their name.
  • 5. Click SAVE & SUBMIT, then SUBMIT.

  • Submitting your ROL Method 2
  • 1.Under the MATCH menu, select Rank order list (ROL).
  • 2.Click on the program for which you wish to submit a rank order list.
  • 3.Click EXPORT ROL to export your list of applicants in Microsoft Excel format. DO NOT alter the basic format of the file or you will receive an error when you try to re-upload your ROL.
  • 4.Enter your rankings in the exported list in Microsoft Excel.
  • 5.Once you have entered your ranks, import your ROL by clicking IMPORT ROL. Once on this page, browse and select the appropriate file and click IMPORT ROL.
  • 6.Review your list and click SAVE & SUBMIT and then SUBMIT to submit your ROL.
  • Once The ROL is submitted onto the CaRMS website, The PGME office will review it.

After you have selected SUBMIT ROL

  • After you have selected SUBMIT, the list is then viewable to PGME (Wendi Charette), who then reviews the list. Once she approves the list, then she also select SUBMIT on her end, and the final list is then submitted to CaRMS.

Second Iteration

IF I have unfilled spots after 1st iteration, (doesn’t happen often), we need to schedule a second iteration. Inquire with Daniel if this if done through CaRMS scheduler or just on our own. Likely on our own at HSC – Need at least 1 panel ( maybe 2) – if there was one position, we may invite 12 to compete. Chiefs will be on panel plus another Attending physician/ panel Chiefs will also provide Info session (either or, not both roles) And applicant will meet with PD Example of Letter to send to Invited Applicants (same day as Daniel sends CaRMS scheduling Portal invite)

Dear CaRMS Applicant;

You have been selected to interview with the University of Manitoba, Internal Medicine program. Our interview dates are Monday January 27, Tuesday January 28 and Friday January 30, 2020. You will have received an email from the CaRMS Interview site, to select your interview time. There is a 24 delay between receiving your invite and the ability to book your interview slot, to allow for logistical planning, (Information as copied below)

IMPORTANT information from CaRMS Interview site:

1. Interview Schedule Review – You can view which universities have offered you interviews on January 6, 2020 at 12:00 pm EST. You can also review the interview schedule for participating universities. YOU CANNOT BOOK INTERVIEWS UNTIL JANURY 7, 2020.

2. Interview Booking - The site will open for interview selection at 12:00 pm EST on Tuesday January 7, 2020. To book an interview, click on a university name to select your interview date and time.

3. Each university is responsible for selecting their candidates for interviews. If you have questions about interviews or selection at one of the universities, please contact the program directly.

4. If you have technical difficulties logging onto the interview website, please send an email to

Please find attached some general information for your Internal Medicine interview at the University of Manitoba. Hopefully this will be helpful in arranging flight and hotel accommodation for your interview. Confirmation details (interviewers, room numbers, times, etc) of your interview will be sent at a later date.

If you have any further questions regarding your interview, please contact me.

moved from role page

The following was moved here from Program Administrator - Core (Training Schedules and CaRMS schedule).

2019 R-1 match

  • June 26 12 noon, Log in info distributed:

Designated program administrators and program directors will receive an email from CaRMS with instructions on how to log in to CaRMS Online. If you were a program administrator or director for the 2018 R-1 Main Residency Match, log into CaRMS Online using your existing username and password. If you have forgotten your username or password, click on the Forgot your username or password option on the CaRMS Online login page. Note: if you are a program director or administrator for this match and have not received an email from us, please contact at

  • 26 June at 12:00 (noon) ET

Program description updates Program directors and administrators may log into CaRMS Online and start updating their program descriptions. All programs must update their program descriptions for the new match year before September 5. Note: program descriptions can be updated throughout the match if critical updates are needed.

  • 5 September at 12:00 (noon) ET

Applicants begin online application process All applicants may log into their CaRMS Online account to begin their application.

  • 5 September at 12:00 (noon) ET

DEADLINE: Program descriptions published on Program descriptions are now available on for applicants to review.

8 November at 12:00 (noon) ET File reviewer and filter setup Program directors and administrators may add or remove file reviewers for their program(s) in CaRMS Online and create filters in preparation for file review. Once file reviewers have been added, they will receive an email from CaRMS with instructions on how to create an account. Applications will be available for review when file review opens on November 20 at 12:05 (noon) ET.

  • 20 November at 12:05 ET

File review begins All programs and file reviewers may access all applications that have been submitted to their program(s) through CaRMS Online. Letters of reference letters are not available for review until November 27 to allow maximum time for letters of reference to be sent to CaRMS. Note: the PGME and UGME Associate Deans of the faculties of medicine of Canada, with CaRMS’ input, have decided to open file review a week earlier than usual to allow more time for programs to review applications. In order to not penalize applicants who have scheduled electives ending in November and are potentially requesting a letter of reference from this elective, letters of reference will not be available for programs to review until the following week, on November 27.

  • 27 November at 12:00 (noon) ET

Letters of reference available for review All letters of reference that applicants have assigned to programs are now available to programs and file reviewers. Programs do not have access to any letters of reference letters submitted before noon (ET) today.

  • 12 January 2019 - 3 February 2019

National interview period Programs are responsible for scheduling interviews with applicants during this period. Interviews for current-year Canadian medical school graduates from out-of-town universities are conducted during this three-week period. Interviews for international medical graduates and applicants at their own schools are coordinated separately with no specific national time period.

  • 24 January 2019 at 12:00 (noon) ET

Ranking period begins Applicants and programs may begin creating their rank order lists in CaRMS Online. Once you have submitted your rank order list, your postgraduate office can begin reviewing and approving. To make changes to your submitted list, contact your postgraduate office.

  • 31 January 2019 - 13 February 2019

Revisions discussion period begins Q and A discussion regarding reversions, if required, to ensure final reversions are received and understood by CaRMS, by the PGME reversion deadline.

  • 6 February 2019 at 14:00 ET

DEADLINE: submission of rank order lists Programs must submit their rank order lists through CaRMS Online by 14:00 ET.

  • 26 February 2019 at 12:00 (noon) ET

MATCH DAY Match results for the 2019 R-1 Main Residency Match are available through CaRMS Online.

  • 7 May 2019 at 15:00 ET

CaRMS Online access closes CaRMS Online access closes for the 2019 R-1 Main Residency Match. We recommend programs download and save any match-related files before this date. Matched applicant files can only be retrieved from your postgraduate office once CaRMS Online closes.

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