Coordination of Travel for Recruitment Visitors

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Step I. Determine timeline and confirm dates

  • Meet with your Section Head to determine:
    • Time frame
    • Additional meetings/rounds/events/dinners that they would like the candidate to attend.
  • Connect with the new recruit to determine:
    • Date options for their availability. Try and get 2-3 options.
  • Once dates are given to you, confirm availability with all members of the Search Committee. When all dates are confirmed with all parties, you can start to create the #Step IV. Create and distribute the Itinerary

Confirm any dietary restrictions from the candidate.

Step II. Booking Flight


Step III. Booking Hotels


Step IV. Create and distribute the Itinerary

  • Once all flights and accommodations are booked, you can start to create the itinerary. Media:Template_of_Itinerary.docx
  • When the itinerary is complete, it will need to be approved by the section head before it is sent out to the search committee and the interviewee.

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