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This page explains how to confirm that a survey was sent and/or filled out in Limesurvey. It would be after Sending out a survey in LimeSurvey. See CPD Tracking for a map of the whole process.

Check spam / junk folder first

Before any further troubleshooting, ask the participant to check their spam/junk folder in their emails since our invites sometimes get sent there. If this happens, suggest adding the sender to the safe list. The Systems Analyst/Systems Support Analyst would be able to help with this, there are too many email systems to get into details here.

Why would you confirm

You might want to confirm the survey was sent if there was some glitch during sending. More likely a participant will contact you and either say that they didn't receive an invite, or will want to confirm that their survey response went in right.

How to confirm

  1. if not already logged on, log onto LimeSurvey_CPD_Tracking
  2. click on List surveys
  3. find the survey you want to re-send and click on the name
  4. click on the "Survey Participants" button on the top right, then on "Display Participants" on the left of that menu
  5. find the right line for the participant and check the date in the "invitation sent" column

Next steps

If the survey was indeed not sent to a participant you might be Re-sending a LimeSurvey. If it is after the survey's expiry date, first see Limesurvey survey entries after survey closing date.

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