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Information System Info
Information System: Concur Travel & Expense
Main Contact: Aurora finance helpdesk
WRHA / U of M Network:
Access Form: False

The U of M's Travel and Expense tool and a part of Aurora Finance

What is CONCUR


Air travel, hotels and car rentals are made using this web based tool.

Expenses are also submitted and approved using Concur.

Setting up a new/existing employee in CONCUR

The Systems Analyst would fill out the forms. If this person is away, please following the following procedure:

  1. University Employees
    1. Fill in the Aurora Finance Systems Access form. Sent it to Notes: One over one is always Managing Director; usually the person needs to Book Travel as well as claim it; the Managing Director always signs on the last page. If the Managing Director requires access, their one-over-one would be the Director of Finance or a Senior Financial Officer at the Dean's office.
  2. Non U of M employees
    1. Make sure individual has a UMNetID, if they don't, please see Arrange for computer access at U of M.
    2. If the individual already has a UMNetID, please email the IST servicedesk [here] and ask them to add Aurora-INB access to the account. You would reference this number when you email Aurora Finance the form.
    3. Fill in the form. You would fill the user's name, their Employee # (if they have one, in certain circumstances they would: see VIP). Fill in their UMNetID, and their email, as well as their Faculty/Unit.
    4. Have the user sign the form and fill in the date and their place of employment.
    5. Under Faculty/Unit Authorization, type in the Managing Director's information and have them sign it.
    6. Send the form to, and give them the incident for the creation of the sponsored account-see Arrange for computer access at U of M.

Setting up Concur Travel & Expense

CONCUR is a web based system.

Training in Concur Travel & Expense

Once log in access is received from Aurora Finance:

Approval Flow in CONCUR

The approval flow is assigned by selecting Details and then Approval Flow

The approval flow should be as follows:

  1. Manager of the FOP
  2. Managing Director
  3. Department Head - only required for reimbursements for GFT Members and UMFA members

Cancelling an employee's access to CONCUR

  1. The Systems Analyst fills out the form. If they are unavailable, please follow the following procedure:
    1. Access to Concur is cancelled by filling out the following Aurora Finance System Access Termination Request Form.
  2. If the user is leaving the Department, please follow the instructions here: Terminating Computer Access at U of M.

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