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A Comprehensive Patient Assessment (CPA) Sessions is a Med 2 Session that explains how to do Comprehensive Patient Assessments. They are organized by the Undergraduate Program Administrator.

What is a CPA Session?

CPA Sessions usually take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. There are over 100 Year-2 Medical students (Med 2). These students are broken into 28 groups (approx) with four students per CPA Session group. CPA Sessions occur approximately once a week starting at the end of November and running until end of May. Occasionally, they occur twice a week.

During each CPA Session, two students in the group will present a complete Patient History and Physical Examination to the instructor of the session while two students observe. The students presenting and observing alternate with each session.

Each group has 4 sessions (i.e. Session 4,8,12 and 16). There are 7 groups scheduled per session and approximately 16 sessions in total.

Therefore, each student will get to present twice and observe twice.

Sessions can start at 8:00, 9:00, or 10:00am and are 2 hours in length.

The instructor for the session will choose the time and location (HSC, St. Boniface Hospital or Grace Hospital) for the CPA session.

Student Assignment

Each student will be assigned a patient by the patient recruiter. They must then go visit the patient and take a complete history and physical exam of the patient.

They must write up their findings and present them to the CPA Session preceptor and other group members.

Each student has 1 hour to present their patient assignment to the instructor and receive feedback on their work.

The students will bring the instructor their feedback form and the instructor will fill-in the form. They may also make notes on the student's written reports.

The feedback form and written presentation are returned to the student at a later date.

The preceptors are all volunteer attendings. The Undergraduate Program Administrator organizes the sessions, books the rooms and recruits the attendings to teach the sessions. All of this information, including schedules can be found on the Q drive under CPA folder.


As mentioned in another Undergrad page also, we need to document what the Q drive is and who has (and needs) access.,,,,,,,,, further results

Patient recruiter

The Undergraduate Patient Recruiter will recruit the patients needed for the sessions. They will also post the patient list outside of the GF328 office door for the students.

Organizing a CPA Session at HSC or St. Boniface Hospital

The Dean's Office will email a CPA session schedule with the dates for the session to the the Undergraduate Program Administrator .

The Undergraduate Program Administrator will use these dates to create a schedule for the students. The Undergraduate Program Administrator must schedule two students from each group to present and two students to observe. The Undergraduate Program Administrator must recruit preceptors for the sessions, book the session rooms at HSC and St. Boniface Hospital and send the patient recruiter a list of the students that will need patients at both HSC and St. Boniface Hospital.

Try to schedule the same preceptor for all four CPA sessions, with the same group, if possible.

The patient recruiter recruits patients and posts the list outside of the Undergraduate Program Administrator 's office. Students will come to the Undergraduate Program Administrator 's office to check their patient assignments. The Undergraduate Program Administrator must email the patient recruiter a student list before they can do this.

Email the patient recruiter a list of all the students that will be presenting at both HSC and St. Boniface Hospital.

Email the patient recruiter the student list by Friday for a Tuesday CPA Session and Monday for a Thursday CPA Session.

It is helpful if the patient recruiter is given the name(s) of the Attendings that will be working when they go to recruit patients. This can be found on the Call Schedules


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sent out by both HSC and St. Boniface Hospital.

Students have one day to complete patient evaluation and present the next day.

The Undergraduate Program Administrator will send reminders to the preceptors approximately a week before the CPA Session is scheduled to occur.


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Organizing a CPA Session at Grace Hospital

You do not book rooms for Grace Hospital just say "meet in administration". Email Grace Hospital administrative staff to let them know students are coming. They will book the room and take the students there when they arrive.


If I had to book this, I would need names. If I had to meet there I would likely need more info than "meet in administration", no? Ttenbergen 14:46, 22 February 2018 (CST)

It is the preceptor's responsibility to recruit their own patients if the session is taking place at Grace Hospital. When you send out a reminder about the session, it is a good idea to include a reminder about recruiting their own patients.

Students presenting at Grace Hospital will have to call the Undergraduate Program Administrator for their patient names. One of the Admin staff at Grace Hospital will email the patient names to the Undergraduate Program Administrator around noon the day before student's are scheduled to present.

Students have from 12-4pm to call the Undergraduate Program Administrator for their patient assignment (Grace Hospital only). If you do not hear from Grace Hospital Admin. staff by 1:00pm then you should follow-up. It is likely that the Admin. Staff have not yet received the patient name(s) from the preceptors as they are very good with sending this information.

When and How to Start the CPA Schedule

  1. Admin from the Dean's Office will email a CPA schedule (dates and groups only)
  2. Make schedule of presenting and observing students
  3. Recruit preceptors for the sessions. There is a document template under the Q drive/CPA that you can reference.

how? Do preceptors do other things? If so, this might be best on its own page. Ttenbergen 14:46, 22 February 2018 (CST)

  1. Book rooms
  2. Send preceptors and the patient recruiter reminder emails for upcoming sessions (also send patient recruiter student lists)
  3. The Undergraduate Program Administrator will fill-in the template for the CPA Sessions and post it on OPAL for the student's reference. They will also populate the CPA Session in OPAL.

would this provide enough info for a likely coverer to do this, or do we need more detail?

What To Do If A Preceptor Does Not Show Up

If the Preceptor(s) are Unable to Make the Session

Ask the students who are presenting to email you a copy of their presentation. Preceptor will give feedback based on these reports.

If You Do Not Have A Volunteer Preceptor for the CPA Session

Ask an already scheduled preceptor if a third presenting student can join that group (and have the other student(s) observe). Please note that by adding a student to the two hour time slot, the time each student has to present becomes shorter. The session does NOT increase in length .

Worst case scenario: the students who are scheduled to present will all observe instead of presenting.

Once the preceptors and rooms are secured the Undergraduate Program Administrator will send out confirmation emails to all preceptors for the upcoming group sessions. When sending the schedules, include the student's names, times, and locations for the presentations.

There are four attachments that should go out with this reminder.


content to come

What if a Student Doesn't Show Up

You should email the student and notify the Dean's Office. The session will go on. If the missing student is scheduled to present during the session, the other scheduled presenter 9 2 per session) will present. It is up to the preceptor if they want to end the session after only one hour or if they will instruct for the remaining time.

If the missing student is scheduled as an observer, the session will continue on as normal. It might be possible to reschedule them as an observer in a different session.

If There is a Student Scheduling Issue Previous to the CPA session Commencing

The students can change places with someone in their group before the session is scheduled to occur i.e.- If one student is scheduled to present and needs to miss the session, they can switch with an observer. That way, they will still have the opportunity to present twice throughout the CPA program. The student that needs to miss the session as an observer can then be rescheduled to observe at another session, if it is deemed necessary.

After the CPA Session is Completed

Once the session is completed, the preceptor can email or mail the feedback forms to the Undergraduate Program Administrator . Not all preceptors will do this. Some will send them directly to the students.

Once the Undergraduate Program Administrator receives the feedback forms, they mail them to: student name/ 260 Brodie Center / Student's Mailbox Number

Track preceptor hours worked each week. This is so the instructors can have a record of how many teaching hours they have put in. There are two tracking tabs on the spreadsheet: Tab 1 is the Alphabetical order of Dr's names. Tab 2 is by department.

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