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A Comprehensive Patient Assessment (CPA) Session is a Med 2 Session that explains how to do Comprehensive Patient Assessments. They are organized by the Undergraduate Program Administrator, and patients are recruited by the Undergraduate Patient Recruiter.

The sessions are supported by the following department processes:

What is a CPA Session?

CPA Sessions usually take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. There are over 100 Year-2 Medical students (Med 2). These students are broken into 28 groups (approx) with four students per CPA Session group. CPA Sessions occur approximately once a week starting at the end of November and running until end of May. Occasionally, they occur twice a week.

During each CPA Session, two students in the group will present a complete Patient History and Physical Examination to the instructor of the session while two students observe. The students presenting and observing alternate with each session.

Each group has 4 sessions (i.e. Session 4, 8, 12 and 16). There are 7 groups scheduled per session and approximately 16 sessions in total.

Therefore, each student will get to present twice and observe twice.

Sessions can start at 8:00, 9:00, or 10:00am and are 2 hours in length.

The instructor for the session will choose the time and location (HSC, St. Boniface Hospital or Grace Hospital) for the CPA session.

Student Assignment

Each student will be assigned a patient by the Undergraduate Patient Recruiter. They must then go visit the patient and take a complete history and physical exam of the patient.

They must write up their findings and present them to the CPA Session preceptor and other group members.

Each student has 1 hour to present their patient assignment to the instructor and receive feedback on their work.

The students will bring the instructor their feedback form and the instructor will fill-in the form. They may also make notes on the student's written reports.

The feedback form and written presentation are returned to the student at a later date.

The preceptors are all volunteer attendings. The Undergraduate Program Administrator organizes the sessions, books the rooms and recruits the attendings to teach the sessions. All of this information, including schedules can be found on the Q drive under CPA folder.

Discuss.gif As mentioned in another Undergrad page also, we need to document what the Q drive is and who has (and needs) access.

Patient recruitment

Patient recruitment for Comprehensive Patient Assessment (CPA) Sessions is the responsibility of Undergraduate Patient Recruiter. They will also post the patient list outside of the GF328 office door for the students.

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