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This page is intended to describe how to code an expense properly in UMG. Coding would be done by the Business Administrator and reviewed by the Finance Manager

  1. To confirm the account code, open the document called Checklists (yyyy) found on the finance drive/UMG/Month End/YYY.
  2. Search the list to find the applicable expense. You can search by vendor, name of staff person the invoice is applicable to, etc. If the search does not provide the appropriate expense, it may not be a regular expense. This list is for regularly monthly expenses. If it is not on the list you will need to get the coding from the Finance Manager. The Finance Manager has access to the UMG chart of accounts to determine the correct coding.
    1. If the expense is on the list, write the corresponding code found under "Account Coding UMG" on the invoice. If there is a perforated line, write the account code above it. UMG coding is as follows:
      1. 510 - identifies the account as an expense
      2. 02 - identifies the department within UMG as Internal Medicine
      3. XX - identifies the section for which the expense applies ie. Admin, Cardiology, transcription, etc
      4. XX - identifies the expense account ie. salary, travel, office expense, etc

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