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This wiki runs Extension:Mermaid which turns code in the wiki markup into a graph.

This wiki uses Mermaid to implement Org Chart#Implementation info.

Example (hardcoded)

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One would want to put invisible links to the click tagged pages on a page like this to make sure "what links here" works, e.g. [[Relative_Workload_Evaluation_Scale| ]].

Example (from query)

from SMW

SMW is limited in inline formatting, so have to use template:OrgChartLink.

plain output:

AAA1011["Adrienne Simpson"];

CCC92["Kim Armitt"] --> 1011;
AAA1066["Aleksandra MacRae"];

CCC2618["External person"] --> 1066;
AAA2015["Allyson Pham"];

CCC2006["Marcia Vanderwater"] --> 2015;
AAA3047["Angela MacDonald"];

CCC2618["External person"] --> 3047;
AAA1014["Annette Nanowski"];

CCC92["Kim Armitt"] --> 1014;

output fed into mermaid:

  • template breaks with things like including a page in "reports to" that is not a person.

from Cargo

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Some working code: A(xxx) --> B(yyy);

explicit nodes from template:

  • nodes:

A(xxx) --> B(yyy);

  • nodes in mermaid call:

cargo nodes from template:

  • nodes:

A(xxx) --> B(yyy);

  • nodes in mermaid call:

Cargo explicit single line test:

  1. mermaid:graph LR;

A(xxx) --> B(yyy);

  1. mermaid: graph LR

10["Dr. Leigh Anne Shafer"] --> 2138;

click 10 "index.php?title=Dr. Leigh Anne Shafer" "click to open wiki page";

2138[Casandra Dolovich];

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