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Clinical Teaching Units are acute care units that are supported by and used for teaching by the department.


The department has teaching units at the teaching hospitals:

CTU leadership

The teaching units are led by the local service chiefs:

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Service Chief - Grace Hospital North7 June 2018 19:25:17
Service Chief - Grace Hospital South7 June 2018 19:25:33
Service Chief - HSC – A ServiceDr. Jonathon Bellas13 October 2018 04:56:54
Service Chief - HSC – D ServiceDr. Kinny Lamba13 October 2018 04:56:56
Service Chief - HSC – GD6 ServiceDr. Kristjan Paulson13 October 2018 06:42:49
Service Chief - HSC – H ServiceDr. Ken Van Ameyde13 October 2018 04:56:58
Service Chief - SBH – A ServiceDr. Amiya Chakraborty17 October 2018 22:07:13
Service Chief - SBH – B ServiceDr. Patrick Griffin17 October 2018 22:07:36
Service Chief - SBH – C ServiceVacant17 October 2018 21:21:48

Interro-01.gif Not all those sites are CTUs... which ones are? If someone puts te info here I will update the pages and queries so this lists properly. User:Ttenbergen 17:29, 17 October 2018 (CDT)

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