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Information System: Clinical Sharepoint
Path/URL: <URL if this is a web app>
Main Contact:
WRHA / U of M Network: WRHA
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web based document management and storage system

Clinical Sharepoint is a web based document management and storage system that is accessible via the WRHA Network, Unified Gateway or an Ehealth Managed Laptop. You can share, for example, patient handover lists on here.

Interro-01.gif I heard that critical care uses this. Do other sections? Presumably one would have to tell eHealth which bit of Sharepoint to give them access to?

Interro-01.gif Is this different from non-clinical sharepoint? eg what Kym's group is using?

Setting up Clinical Sharepoint

Interro-01.gif<If the software needs to be installed on a computer or similar, document here>

Getting access to Clinical Sharepoint

The Systems Analyst would process these requests. If they are away, please follow this procedure:

  1. email the WRHA Service Desk and tell them who requires access. Someone will get back to you.

Interro-01.gif which info does helpdesk need to get this right?

Removing access to Clinical Sharepoint

Interro-01.gif<Process? Just where on "ACTM" if that is what is used.>

Roles using this file share

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