Catchment area

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The catchment area of the department's teaching hospitals includes approximately 1.5 million people:

  • all of Manitoba
  • parts of northwestern Ontario
  • parts of Saskatchewan
  • Nunavut
  • Northwest Territories

Interro-01.gif would be interesting to also have geographic size, with comparison to how many europes that would fit...

Interro-01.gif If the audience of this are people not familiar with the Canadian health care system, it might also benefit from an explanation about how this potential patient pool is a relatively captive audience.

Interro-01.gif This may be one of the things that sets us most apart from other places; it's mentioned in several subspecialty pages. I think we should centralize and own this description and make it great again ;-)

The large catchment guarantees an extensive patient pool for researchers, and that residents receive a variety of clinical experience from a diverse patient population.