Cancelling a PO with receiving in EPIC

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Interro-01.gif I split this out from Procurement at U of M since I would never have thought of searching for it there; it will be linked from there. However, what else should this be linked in with? Is it part of category:recruiting? I don't understand the process well enough, or where in the process this happens. Should it be part of one of the hiring checklists?


  1. Ensure you email the supplier first to ask them to cancel the PO, and confirm the cancellation thereof.
  2. log into EPIC
Interro-01.gif I assume you do, right, as a starting point for this?
  1. Click the MANAGE tab at the top of the page. Select RECEIVE
  2. Search for the PO# in the search field (ex: PO123456) Search for ALL Purchase Orders. Hit SEARCH.
  3. Click RE-OPEN ORDER near the top of the page. (This will be tab two of four).
  4. Enter the receiving in the ACCEPTED field to offset previous receiving.
    1. If anything but zero is the the Prev.Accepted/Prev.Rejected columns, you will put the negative integer of that amount in the corresponding column (ex: Prev. Accepted 20, Accepted -20).
  5. Click NO where it says CLOSE ORDER
  6. Click SUBMIT
  7. Return to Home and open the Purchase Requisition (PR) and choose Cancel from the option in the light purple task bar. If you do not see this option, do not attempt to undo the receiving again. Please contact Aurora Finance to pinpoint the problem.
  8. Once complete, contact with the P0# to remove the commitment in Banner.