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When Sending out a survey in LimeSurvey for CPD Tracking the survey names all need to follow the same naming convention for Generating Reports for LimeSurvey CPD Tracking to work properly. If this was done wrong and needs to be corrected, see Renaming a survey in Limesurvey.

The convention is:

  • consistent spelling of the section
  • " - "
  • consistent spelling of the rounds series
  • " - "
  • the date in yyyy-mm-dd format
  • optional: " - "
  • optional: whatever they want at the end, e.g. presenter name and/or topic
  • not optional: number of hours in brackets, e.g. (1.5hrs)

Example of a properly formed survey name:

  • Neurology - Some weekly lecture - 2019-01-15 - Dr. Someone presenting on some topic (1.5hrs)

Why is this important

The reports sent to physicians that are generated by Generating Reports for LimeSurvey CPD Tracking sort the attended sessions in alphabetic order. If they are not consistently named it will appear that some sessions are missing (even though they are really just in a different place on the report). You will hear from physicians if that is the case. To avoid it, make sure the sessions follow the naming convention.

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