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Physicians provide feedback for Rounds and other continuing education via LimeSurvey CPD Tracking. Every year at the end of December a LimeSurvey Administrator processes this data into email reports to all physicians of listing all sessions for which feedback has been provided. Sometimes people need this info at other times of the year; for that, see Generating an interim attendance report in LimeSurvey.

Online feedback via the link in the invitation email is the only method of attendance tracking for these CPD activities that is considered for inclusion in the reports.

The reports go out within the first two weeks of January. The deadline with the College is Jan 31, so this should give plenty of time to reconcile the reports with the College's records. This can also be done on an ongoing basis using the College's Mainport App.

Previous Year's Reports

All LimeSurvey Users should have access to the following share that contains earlier years' reports

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