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The CPD Coordinator is involved with LimeSurvey CPD Tracking.

  • Is the setting up of rounds etc (which may or may not include the use do CPD Limesurvey) is already tracked elsewhere. When I started thinking about it before I realized that this is all a bit heterogeneous. Will likely need further talk with Tom and Suzanne Doyle...
    • This list is a mixture of people who are Program Administrators and Secretaries, and "other". Some may be responsible for the scheduling of rounds, setting up and taking down equipment, or, solely responsible for sending out Lime Survey.
      • When I set up this page I intended it for those who are responsible for the LimeSurvey part. I would like to also look at the setting up of rounds in general, but that one seems a bit inconsistent across the department, so haven't tackled it yet. So which of the people below should actually be doing the LimeSurvey part, and how do we improve the process of finding out when one needs to be added, or more tricky, removed?

The role is currently held by:

Accounts whose people are unaccounted for on wiki


The following also have CPD Coordinator accounts, but we don't have them on our wiki. Where do they fit in? Please put comment behind name, don't delete it, so we can cross-reference this page with actual LimeSurvey CPD Tracking accounts.

Emailed Tracey User:Ttenbergen 21:17, 2019 April 18 (CDT)

If rounds are presented by residents, Program Administrators usually organize those rounds. If rounds are presented by faculty, Program Secretaries usually organize these rounds.

Information Systems


This role uses the following applications:

File Shares

This role uses the following file shares:

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