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Meeting invites in Outlook

Ways of scheduling a meeting may very depending on a physician, that you are supporting, preference. Always communicate and confirm first with the physician or manager regarding the content of the meeting. From there, proceed to book in their calendar or set up with meeting with the attendees assistant or direct with the attendee. The requested attendee may also have a preference of meeting requests.

You can check someone's availability in Outlook and send them an invite for a time that appears available.


If booking a meeting with internal and external people. You may want to confirm in outlook availability for internal people. By doing this, you have narrowed down some dates and can proceed to do a doodle pool with the external people or contact external attendees directly. In the event your group is all internal then you can book directly into outlook.

Doodle is a free web service to aid in finding individual availability to schedule meetings.

  • No login is required
  • Enter all possible dates and times for the meeting
  • Once completed, a link will be generated to forwarded to all involved with the meeting. The link will then provide the options you previously inputted, in which the individual can choose which dates and times work for them
  • After every response, you will receive an email indicating an update to the Doodle poll. Can then schedule your meeting accordingly.

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