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It may seem obvious how to book meetings, but there are easier and harder ways to do it.

Interro-01.gif I am starting this because there are discussions whether it is appropriate to just "book into" someone else's calendar without first confirming, and someone mentioned Doodle.

Meeting invites in Outlook

  • I think it is entirely appropriate to check someone's availability in Outlook and to send them an invite for a time that appears available. There are some questions whether that is acceptable practice, and some concerns about the practicality of doing it when some people don't use their calendar, or there is a mix between U of M and WRHA calendars. Do PSMs have thoughts on this ?
    • I think both should be acceptable. It all depends who you are booking meetings with - there has to be more than one option for this...just my opinion and from past experience I have done both.
      • What do you mean by "both"?
        • I think both options could be used at the same time if booking a meeting with internal and external people. You may want to confirm in outlook availability for internal people and then by doing this you have narrowed down some dates and can proceed to do a doodle pool with the external people. In the event your group is all internal then book directly into outlook.
        • Ignore the clarify - I think you should always confirm first with the person and the content of the meeting and from there proceed to book in their calendar or with their assistant etc.
          • I understand that has generally been the protocol we use, but it is inefficient. It adds one interaction that is not needed, and which takes time. What is the actual benefit of asking first and then sending an invite, over checking available times and then sending an invite? We can continue to see this as a "personal preference", but we do a lot of it and I think we may be wasting a lot of time in the process, so I think it would be worth to try to make this efficient. }}


Interro-01.gif is a service that facilitates booking times with multiple people. Some staff use it, and I think it's a good tool. Are we all on board with using it? If so, is it something we should document here and then fan out to people who may not know about it yet?

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