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Telephones are ordered by the Systems Analyst or the Physician Services Manager.


For Health Sciences Centre, the form is located here. Once the form is completed, email it to the Servicedesk (located in Global Address Book).

Single line should always be selected unless there is a clear business case for requiring multiple lines.

If there is no phone jack, see Cabling for Computers and Phones - U of M or Cabling for Computers and Phones - WRHA.


For St. Boniface Hospital, contact [[Christine Sawatzky (Site Contact for St. Boniface Hospital)]] in Medicine Program and Kathy van Der Vis in Cardiology to fill out the paperwork.


For Grace, contact [[Erva Ritson (Site Contact for Grace Hospital)]].

University of Manitoba

To obtain a new U of M phone, go onto the Information and Technology Services website and complete the 'new phone' form. The instructions on where to send the form to is on the bottom of the request. U of M requires a FOAP for the phone charges.

Cell Phones

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