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New faculty positions, and approval to recruit into vacated positions, require the consent of the University and Shared Health and the WRHA.

In order to expedite the process, the department requires Section Heads requesting new additional positions, or wanting to fill vacated positions, to completely answer the questions below.

The Managing Director will work with the applicant, ensuring all relevant details are finalized (e.g. relative workload scales, projected income, rational for the positions approved, funding arranged, office space found, clinic times and appropriate staffing confirmed, research work space secured etc.) and agreed to, before the department will apply to the University and Shared Health and the WRHA for a faculty position.

Positions will not be posted, offered or considered without this process being completed.

The questions can be copy/pasted into an email or Word document.

Summary Information

  • Submitted by and contact information:
  • Section:
  • Submission Date:
  • Proposed Start Date:
  • Is this a replacement for a departing faculty member? If so, who is being replaced?:
  • % of Protected Time for Research:
  • Prospect Name:If a prospect is already identified - please attach their current CV.
  • Proposed Rank:
  • Privileges required:
    • Which hospitals/sites and which level of privileges:
      • a) Full Admit privileges (include admit, treat, consult and discharge)
      • b) Treatment/consultation only
    • Are all the resources, including financial, in place to support this recruit?(Managing Director will advise)


  • Provide a brief background on the section, including how the section supports the academic mission including research, clinical and education activities.
    • How many GFT and Non-GFT members are in the section?
  • What led up to the current situation requiring the need to recruit a new section member?
  • Summarize important facts and considerations from the perspective of the approval committee. Substantiate all statements with evidence.


  • Briefly identify how this position will contribute to the goals and priorities of the Department over the next 3-5 years.
  • What duties / clinical activities / research / teaching would section member do?
    • Please identify what % of time the candidate will be contributing to Teaching; Clinical; Administrative; Research.
  • What would their statement of duties be and what EFT would those duties equal, based on the Relative Workload Evaluation Scale? (Contact the Managing Director for assistance with this)
    • Inpatient Coverage:
    • Ambulatory Care:
    • On-Call:
    • Consults:
    • Other Specialty Specific Clinical Activities:
    • What are the benefits to the section, department, University and health system? What are the areas of need this recruitment will address?
  • What are the risks of supporting / denying this request?
    • Have you considered hiring a non-GFT to fill this position? If not, why was it ruled out?
    • Will you be seeking specialized expertise that will address a need in the system?

Human Resource Impact

  • Will this plan require additional positions (e.g. research nurses, research assistants/associates, or lab techs, administrative support, clerks and/or nurses in clinics)?
  • Will work assignments change significantly for any support staff or existing faculty members?
  • Does this impact employees covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement (nursing, clerks, secretary)?
    • Is there office space available? (Contact the Managing Director for assistance with this)

Section Support

  • How does this position being filled impact key issues within the section?
  • What discussions has the section engaged in?
  • What was the feedback from the section members?
  • What support from the section will be required on the section member’s arrival?
  • How does the section plan to provide support?
  • Will there be a negative financial impact to other section members?

Impact to Patient Care

  • Is this position required to strengthen the current complement of specialists practising in this area?
  • How will approving the request enhance patient care?
  • How will this affect patient wait times?
  • Is there any clinical practice outside of the hospital?
  • If this position will have clinics, at which site(s) will those clinics be? How many half-day clinics? How many clinic rooms are required?

(All clinic space assignments must have sign off from the site Internal Medicine Program Directors)

Impact on Education / Teaching

  • How much teaching (undergraduate and postgraduate) would this position do?
  • What amount of teaching/research do the others in the section complete?

Impact on Research

  • How will the request being approved increase or enhance the research of the section and the department?
  • Would start-up funds be required, and if so, how much over how long?
  • Will laboratory space be required? If so, where would this come from?

Remuneration and Workload

  • What is their projected total professional income as a GFT? (Contact the Managing Director for assistance with this)

Answer Only for Non-GFT to GFT Conversions

  • How long have they been a non-GFT with the Department?
    • Do they pay overhead as a non-GFT currently? If so, what amount? (Contact the Managing Director for assistance with this)
  • What is the rationale behind making a change to a GFT.
  • How much teaching/research is this existing non-GFT doing and what is this increasing to when they become GFT?
  • Do they currently have secretarial support? If so, who funds this secretarial support?
  • Do they currently have an office?

Answer Only for replacement of a current GFT

  • Will this new recruit be required to increase/decrease their % of time in any of the four areas that the current incumbent provides? If Yes, please identify which area(s) and reason(s)
  • What service activities/duties or professional obligations did the incumbent provide over the last 3-5 years?
  • Will this candidate be required to bring the same skill set? If NO, please explain
  • What other skills will the replacement candidate be asked to bring?

Advertising the Position

  • List the journals/websites etc. you would like this positioned advertised.

Other Relevant Details

  • Provide any other details that would support this application, including any relevant information on the prospect (if known).

Proposed Search Committee Members

See Search Committee for more information.

  • Chair: (see below)
  • Member:
  • Member:
  • Member:
  • Member:
  • Resident:

The Search Committee chair must have completed the course: Workshop for Chairs & Other Members of Search Committees. This course is offered through the U of M Learning & Organizational Development Services. To register for the course:

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