Application to Recruit New Faculty

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New faculty positions, and approval to recruit into vacated positions, require the consent of the University and Shared Health and the WRHA.

In order to expedite the process, the department requires Section Heads requesting new additional positions, or wanting to fill vacated positions, to completely answer the questions below.

The Managing Director will work with the applicant, ensuring all relevant details are finalized (e.g. relative workload scales, projected income, rational for the positions approved, funding arranged, office space found, clinic times and appropriate staffing confirmed, research work space secured etc.) and agreed to, before the department will apply to the University and Shared Health and the WRHA for a faculty position.

Positions will not be posted, offered or considered without this process being completed.

Please fill out the following form and submit to the Managing Director - File:Application to Recruit New Faculty Excel Version.xls

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