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Every year the Department will produce an Annual Report.

The first edition was released on September 6th, 2018.

Feedback & Suggestions

  • Hire an external editor
  • Repeat the "by the numbers" page
  • Who is responsible for role changes and when are they expected to be updated.
  • Addition of 8-12 pages

Section Overviews

  • What's new in 2019
  • What to expect over the next year
  • Awards
  • Active locations
  • Programs supported by the section
  • Consistent content that can be pulled directly from a Wiki query (eg. # GFT's/Additional faculty)
    • Active or passive voice


  • Direct entry - Dr. Udow to be contacted (Neuro)


  • Total # FTE protected research time
  • Total $$ active research funding
  • Total Admissions
  • Total ambulatory visits in clinic
  • Total number of Trainees


Awards Are these all of our Department awards listed here?

  • Who is responsible for the upkeep?
  • Where are the resident awards
  • Keep in mind that all info pulled need to have the calendar year parameters
    • Are you sure it needs those parameters? I suspect if you used the most current possible, and monitored last editor and last edit date, you would be miles ahead. The problem with adding dates is that it really becomes work because everything will need to be updated, even stuff that has not changed, and there is infrastructure to build and maintain for it etc. We can discuss.


  • Section cap - only when "Section of ______"
  • Inpatient vs. In-patient/outpatient vs. Out-patient
  • Section name alone- neurology, hepatology = no caps.
  • When alone, "the department" is not capitalized.
  • Two first names
  • Two last names
  • Province - cap
  • Acronym - cap when spelled out

DiscussMeeting.png Annual Report Meeting Ashley asked for a meeting page to put items on.

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