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The Allergy and Clinical Immunology Admin Support provides administrative support for the Section of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. The role is currently held by:

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Additional Info

The on-call schedule is drafted on, Dr. Lana Rosenfield provides access. Finalize the monthly schedule every 20th of the month(for December schedule make it on Nov 20). The template is on S:\INTMED\INTMED_ALLERGY_MD1\~1 Rem covering ADMIN\19~ Allergy\Call schedule. Once formatted in the template, the document is to be sent to the Outlook group distribution list (saved on the the same drive). At this time, DOCSS entries can be done as well.



  • Incoming faxes are to be checked daily
  • Faxes are received electronically via G:\InternalMed\Allergy\Secretary
  • Prescription requests are to be moved to the “fax” folder : G:\InternalMed\Allergy\Fax for the clinic to retrieve and upload into Accuro for physician tasking
  • Other faxes (referrals, letters, imaging reports, other correspondence) are to be sent back to the sender with the cover letter (saved in drive) requesting that the correspondence be redirected to the clinic fax: (204)940-2223


  • Internal extension 7-3186 will need to be transferred to 204-787-2206 for Connie Arguelles main office contact number
  • Messages are to be retrieved regularly. Log in information is on the covering admin document on the drive S:\INTMED\INTMED_ALLERGY_MD1\~1
  • Patients, physician offices, pharmacy calling regarding a consult/appointment or prescriptions transfer to the clinic (204)787-3366 let them know to press 1

Medico Legal and Insurance Forms

  • Incoming requests are to faxed to the allergy clinic (204)940-2223 for Dr. Kalicinsky. Once complete, Dr. K will put it in the "billing" tray to be picked up in Clinic J | Purple Bear Level 2, GA252 on weekly runs
  • Once retrieved, the completed correspondence is sent with an invoice. Invoice templates are found in the S:\INTMED\INTMED_ALLERGY_MD1\~1 Rem covering ADMIN\19~ Allergy\Invoice folder
  • An electronic copy of the invoice and send to MD Practice Solutions of Manitoba Inc.
  1. 100-205 Fort Street, Winnipeg Manitoba R3C 1E3

Contacts: Rosario Padilla / Shelley Myall (204)988-4869

  • Save a copy to: S:\INTMED\INTMED_ALLERGY_MD1\~1 Rem covering ADMIN\19~ Allergy\Invoice folder
  • A spreadsheet can be kept that records the sent correspondence (dates, company, invoice #)

Mail deliveries

  • Ensure all outgoing external envelopes have cost centre written on them (see PSM for number)
  • May be required to sign for deliveries from mailroom, couriers, FedEx etc.
  • Incoming mail needs to be sorted and distributed daily. Dr's have their on mailboxes in Clinic J
  • Incoming mail marked “confidential – to addressee only” should NOT be opened and given to the physician’s directly
  • Some incoming mail is marked “confidential” but only because it is patient information, those can be opened and sorted appropriately (eg. to physician’s inbox to review then file)
  • Mail for physicians who are no longer with the section can either be recycled (eg. Magazines, advertisements) or collected then sent to their forwarding address (ask PSM for address)

General billing

  • Pick up physician billings weekly (by Friday)at Clinic J, a tray by the clerk desk is marked "billings".
  • All physician billings are individually scanned (saved in the drive by physician name and date) and sent via password protected email to:

MD Practice Solutions of Manitoba Inc.

  1. 100-205 Fort Street, Winnipeg Manitoba R3C 1E3

Contacts: Rosario Padilla / Shelley Myall (204)988-4869

  • Save a scanned copy of all submissions to S:\INTMED\INTMED_ALLERGY_MD1\~1 Rem covering ADMIN\19~ Allergy\Allergy SWEP. You will need to reference this for any discrepancies.

Maintenance, housekeeping

Physician absence notification

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