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This page explains how to get a picture onto a person's page.


  1. Select the link to the shared photos.
    • Enter the password: intmed2019$
    • Download the photo to your desktop and proceed below to edit
    • Please note that the photos will only be available until July 15, 2019
  2. Crop an image to a head shot
    • right-click the image and chose "edit with paint" / "edit with paint 3d"
    • click "crop" in top left
    • select the head shot part of the picture
    • click "done" or hit enter key to finish cropping
    • click "menu" and then "save as"
    • save the file with the name of the wiki page it will be associated with
  3. Upload the person's image with exactly the same name as the person's page - this same name is what will make it show up!


Template:Person contains code that looks for a media file with the same {{PAGENAME}} as the person's page and will list their image if available. If not available it will provide a link to this page.

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