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This page explains how to get a picture onto a person's page.


  1. Select the link to the shared photos.
    • Enter the password: intmed2019$
    • Download the photo to your desktop and proceed below to edit
    • Please note that the photos will only be available until July 15, 2019
  2. Crop an image to a head shot
    • right-click the image and chose "edit with paint" / "edit with paint 3d"
    • click "crop" in top left
    • select the head shot part of the picture
    • click "done" or hit enter key to finish cropping
    • click "menu" and then "save as"
    • save the file with the name of the wiki page it will be associated with
Interro-01.gif need to confirm these for Windows 7
  1. Upload the person's image with exactly the same name as the person's page - this same name is what will make it show up!


Option - single upload directory

If uploading these one by one is a pain we might be able to upload them separately and just link to them. But then how would we rename them to match? Or would we need to set the target manually for each? Then it would not be much less work.


Template:Person contains code that looks for a media file with the same {{PAGENAME}} as the person's page and will list their image if available. If not available it will provide a link to this page.

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