Ad-hoc reporting of CME attendance

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This page is about extracting info per participant; for info per survey see Extracting feedback from LimeSurvey CPD Tracking.

This page describes how to extract a physician's attendance at events tracked in LimeSurvey CPD Tracking. Usually this data is provided to all physicians during CPD Reporting at the beginning of january, so this process is only for exceptional cases where additional reporting is required.

Circumstances for early reporting

  • some attendings go away from the majority of December and early part of January, and like to pre-enter data
  • leave of absence: Research, Maternity, Paternity, Sabbatical

Who will do this


Email to PSMs and Suzanne 2018-11-16 User:Ttenbergen 13:24, 16 November 2018 (CST)

  • Who will do this?
  • Primarily they physician's assistant / secretarial staff can
    • Yes I agree, whoever needs it can run the report, or is this an access issue then Tina?
      • That's a big part of the issue, not every dept member has Access to Limesurvey, nor would I want them to - it's not as resilient as e.g. the wiki re. people making mistakes. User:Ttenbergen
  • The person who sent out the Lime Survey

LimeSurvey is sent out by many people, so that doesn't address who. User:Ttenbergen 09:55, 22 November 2018 (CST)


  • log into LimeSurvey CPD Tracking
  • click on "Participants" button
  • find the participant to report on
  • click the "magnifying glass" button to the left of their name
  • The last column on the list is "submitted"; if physician has signed in, then this column will contain a date.
  • option 1 - if you are comfortable in Excel and/or there are a lot of surveys for this physician
    • copy and paste the table only (not the summary or title) into an excel sheet.
    • sort by Submitted Date
    • copy and paste the surveys that have one into an email
  • option 2
    • For all surveys that have a date in this column, copy and paste the survey names into an email
  • email the physician this information


  • This process will not provide the information in the usual department format with logos and all.