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PGME Contact Information

  • PGME Accreditation Team: Laura Lamont
  • Postgraduate Medical Education
  • Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
  • 260 Brodie Centre – 727 McDermot Avenue
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3E 3P5
  • phone: 204-789-3572
  • fax: 204-789-3929
  • Donna Coulis: 789- 3280 - for booking Dr. Yaffe's calendar
  • Wendi Charette: 789-3120

Accreditation Outcomes

Royal College New Standards of Accreditation:

Process for Accreditation Recommendation / Report

The external program reviewers provide a preliminary report with a recommendation to the RCPSC Accreditation Committee. This committee only meets a few times a year, and then provides a final formal ruling. The report flows from the Royal College to the Dean's Office to the program directors of the program that was reviewed.

Accreditation Status: Accredited Program


  • Next Regular Accreditation
  • Review Action Plan Outcomes Report (APOR):
  • External Review
  • Residency program has demonstrated acceptable compliance with standards
  • Follow up at next site survey (with expectations of ongoing CQI throughout the cycle)

Accreditation Status: Accredited Program on Notice of Intent to Withdraw Accreditation


  • Accredited Program on Notice of Intent to Withdraw Accreditation
  • One (or more) significant areas for improvement impacting quality of the program with requires follow up prior to the next regular onsite review which can be evaluated via submission of evidence from the program
  • The process for this is determined by the Institution (internal review, focused self-study, targeted action)
  • Follow up will align with predictable two year timeline
  • One (or more) significant areas for improvement impacting the overall quality of the program which requires follow-up prior to the next onsite review and which can best be evaluated by external peer reviewers.

Accreditation Status: Withdrawal of Accreditation


  • New Application

Steps to follow when booking a date for Accreditation

Book Room, and back up room
Book Postgraduate Program Directors
Book Associate Dean - PGME Dr. Clifford Yaffe
Book Department Head Dr. Eberhard Renner
Book Associate Head - Education Dr. Pam Orr
Book Section Head - General Internal Medicine Dr. Patrick Griffin, Dr. Ken Van Ameyde
Book Postgraduate Program Director - General Internal Medicine


Book Rooms

Book a Room, and book a back up room, from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Catering for Accreditation

Standards / external links

Run as outlined in the RCPSC standards of accreditation and CanERA - CanERA is a 21st century accreditation system that incorporates and innovates on global best practices in accreditation, representing a methodological, dynamic and multi-faceted approach to the evaluation of residency programs and institutions.CanERA

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